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Motorcycle Nova Scotia

Updated on April 3, 2015
Coastal cruising Nova Scotia.
Coastal cruising Nova Scotia.

Motorcycle trips

Motorcycle Nova Scotia

by George Bogosian

Motorcycling in…. and to Nova Scotia is a big adventure. It’s definitely an out- of-town ride and you need at least a couple of weeks to enjoy this journey. Of course that will depend on your start location. Many of us like to stop and check out all that there is to see while others enjoy spending more time on the bike riding. You know your own personal preferences and will make your decisions on travel time. You’ll have to make some choices about this ride because there is a lot to experience and not enough time if you’re on a time restraint. For you non planners, this is a time to develop that skill… It’s not that difficult if you have the resources before you venture forth. I’ll help you with that search. This is a must guide to obtain. (no charge)

The Motorcycle Tour Guide to Nova Scotia is a great guide that can be sent to you by clicking the link I provided and checking off the guide.

It’s in a 5x8 size format and is easy to bring along during the ride. They’ll also send you a map of Nova Scotia that will be handy. NS is an out of the way destination and that in itself makes it special…. and a well kept secret. The book contents include smaller maps of all the areas in the Province along with motorcycle info on rallies, events, races and bike dealerships for parts and accessories and can help with any needed repairs or bike needs.

The book is broken down nicely into areas that make up Nova Scotia.

I would recommend the Cape Breton Island area as a must see location. (it’s my personal bias) It captures Nova Scotia in all that the Province has to offer, but even covering that location will take some time…. depending on your personal desires of sites to see and explore. The book will help you in your decision making. The book is color coded with local general information and broken down in sections that include:

1. Yarmouth & AcadianShores

2. Fundy shore, Annapolis (eastern & western valley)

3. Northumberland shore

4. Cape Breton Island

5. Eastern Shore

6. Halifax Metro area

7. South Shore

You’ll be traveling through New Brunswick to get to NS. You can take the 3 hour ferry (45 miles) from St John, NB to Digby, NS. Ferry fare and times and reservations are at or 1-888-249-7245 and this will bring you to the southern part of NS. Or you can ride further north in New Brunswick and cross into NS to Amherst, NS. and that brings you closer to the middle of the Province.

Both ferry service from Portland, and Bar Harbor, Maine to Nova Scotia have been discontinued in 2009 due to a number of financial matters but the government subsidies being removed was the nail in the coffin. So those short cuts have been removed so the drive up through New Brunswick is the only option at the moment. I suspect the suspension of the ferries will reduce the traveling in all NS locations. Ride on!

The book offers route suggestions in all the locations and mentions options and events that are taking place in the specific areas..... all laid out for you.

It’s a big help in planning. It’ll give the usual travel info on places to sleep, eat, visit and some local history to keep us entertained. Nova Scotia motorcycling is a long and big adventure, but well worth the effort and time it will consume. The coastal experiences can capture the days of yesteryear and you will get a feeling of what coastal living was like in our country in the early years; the place is a step back in time. I enjoy traveling on a whim but this adventure will be more enjoyable with some planning. Remember that 50% of travel enjoyment is planning, 20% is the traveling…. and 30% is talking about it once you’ve completed the adventure. Ride on!

Nova Scotia by motorcycle. It's a good idea.


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