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Motorcycle Breakdown Recovery

Updated on September 22, 2010

To get the best motorcycle breakdown service you will need to shop around and see what is available in your area.

Many of the bigger car breakdown services cover motorcycles as part of your wider policy (they cover the person rather than the vehicle) and their mobile mechanics will be trained to deal with motorcycles as well as cars, so don't rule them out to go immediately for a motorcycle specialist.

Different levels of cover are offered, often recovery isn't offered if you are within a set amount of miles (2 miles is typical) of your home location, to get this is an additional cost. Many won't bring you home either, they will take you to nearest authorized garage if they can not repair on the side of the road, something to bare in mind if you are given different levels of recovery and price plans to choose from.

Motorcycle Breakdown Pricing

Motorcycle recovery need not be expensive if you plan in advance and safeguard yourself. Many insurance companies throw in free breakdown recovery with their policies - how's that for affordable! The only downside is if you recently move to this insurance company then previous build up of no claims (explained below) won't count if you cancel old breakdown services. Also if you change insurance company your breakdown service will be null and void and you will need to look into a third party motorcycle breakdown again.

If you stick with one breakdown service, you often get year on reductions if you do not use the service during the year. 10% is typical with a maximum of 50% so if you keep with the same company for 5 years your annual breakdown recovery fee will be half of what you originally paid. The better companies also don't reduce this if you claim a few years down the line, or minimize the disruption. For example, if you have no breakdown calls for the first 3 years, then need the service in the 4th year, then in the 5th year, rather than go back to paying 100% of the premium, you will pay 70% again (but not benefit by going down to 60%).


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