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Motorcycle Tires

Updated on August 28, 2009

Extended Mileage Sport Motorcycle Tires

Pirelli Diablo Strada Extended Mileage Sport Motorcycle Tire
Pirelli Diablo Strada Extended Mileage Sport Motorcycle Tire

Motorcycle Tires

Choosing the right tire for your motorcycle is something that shouldn't be considered lightly. The two small patches of rubber are the only thing that is between you and hard asphalt. Motorcycle tire technology has developed rapidly over the last few decades . With motorcycle manufacturers relentlessly cranking up the power on their machines, tire manufacturers were forced to keep up. Most of the tire technology we enjoy on our street bikes today is a direct result of tire manufacturers development  of road racing tires for competitive use.
 An array of factors should be considered when picking the new skins for your mount.
If you're mostly an interstate cruiser and never get overly aggressive in the twisties a harder compound tire can extend the times between tire replacements considerably. Softer compound tires offer better grip on the road for those that prefer to keep things stirred up through the curves, but the wear characteristics are not nearly as good as the harder compounds. some tire manufacturers offer dual compound or multi compound tires trying to reach a balance between longevity and stickiness.
Bike and tire manufacturers have guides to make sure you properly match the tires to your bike , but again most offer several choices and your riding style will help to determine which tires best suit your needs.
Proper tire maintenance is crucial to the life of the tire. Tire pressures should be checked regularly to ensure proper inflation. Tire wear should be checked as well. Remember these are the only things keeping you right side up on the highway. Worn tires or tire failure can be disastrous in in a bad situation.


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