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Motorcycles and Safety

Updated on January 28, 2015

Being free on the open road riding a Motorcycle can be exciting and awsome,and a feeling you will never forget.Let us be reminded that safety should be our #1 priority each and every time before we get on a Motorbike as a driver and passenger.Performing checks on your Motorcycle can make the difference between life and death.It doesn't matter if the Motorcycle is new or used.So bringing your Motorcycle to a certified mechanic will always be your best choice when keeping your Motorcycle in tip top shape. Bike riders are riding two-wheeled machines so their safety should be highly regared because it lacks 3,or 4 wheels that consist of more stability like other vehicles.Wear as muchprotective gear as possible before even attempting to ride one.Wear bright colored clothingwhen riding at night so that you will be visible to other drivers during your travels at night.Motorcycles need to be inspected more often than vehicles.Have fun,be careful and safe.!!! Be Safe,Joseph Potier


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    • realMotocross profile image

      realMotocross 6 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      Yes I agree! Ride hard but safe...