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Three things for Women to Consider When Buying a New Car from "My Car, My Life"

Updated on June 23, 2014


Let’s face it, chances are your car is going to be in your life a lot longer than most of your boyfriends! And it just might be the only committed relationship you’ve got going – certainly when it comes to that payment every month. In today’s active, independent life style, you can get alone fine without a man, but never without your car.

So, when you look upon your car as one of your most important relationships, don’t you think its time to get the most you can out of it?

That’s what we plan to help you do with this blog. We’ll let you know what you need so that you and your car can be BFFs. After all, you two are in a long-term relationship – better make it work for the both of you!!

Thinking of Buying a New Car? Here are Three Things to Consider…

Buying a new car is one of those decisions in life that isn’t so easy to undo. Pick the wrong man and you can just stop answering the phone (or get a restraining order.) Pick the wrong car? Those payment checks become a real chore to write every month.

Keep these three things in mind before you sign that sales contract and you and your car will have a better chance of spending years of happiness together.

1. Determine Your Needs

You know what professional sales people know to be true about car purchases? They’re emotional. Yup, that feeling you had when you first saw that pair of Manolo’s you last bought? Sales people count on you getting that same dreamy look in your eyes on the showroom floor.

But a car isn’t a shoe. Sure you’ll suffer the blisters because they look so great with that little black dress, but unlike shoes, you can’t throw your car into the corner of your closet. You’ve got to use it every day – so make sure it fits your life style. If you love the wind blowing through your hair but also never go out with fewer than three friends, that Miata is not the choice for you, even though you want to hug it ‘cuz its so cute.

Examine your life style. What do you like to do? How can your car best support your life style?

2. Determine Your Budget

When you see those Manolos and just have to have them, you can make the necessary budget adjustments for the next six months and be glad for the sacrifice. But if you fall for a car that is just over your budget range, you’re stuck with that added burden every month…and you’re going to have to get used to being seen in not only last year’s shoes, but those shoes from 5 seasons back.

Decide up front what amount you want to spend – and know that you can comfortably spend – then stick with it! Only look at cars in that range of payments.

Now, if you just have to have that budget buster, change your search from new to used. A two-year old model may just fit both your needs and your budget plus still have 30K miles left on the factory warranty. And unlike the shoes, most cars these days stay in style at least five years.

3. Determine Your Look

You’re very careful about how you accessorize your outfit, so why not be that careful when accessorizing your life? The car you drive makes a statement – so go with it! Make the statement you want to make. Your vehicle can be a great first impression or a memorable last statement. Make it count. Make sure your car reflects the inner you. Remember, you’re going to be together for a long time. That means your car is going to speak volumes. Let it speak words you want to hear. You know what they say – smile sweetly…and let your wheels do the talking!


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    • profile image

       8 years ago

    • wrytre profile image

      wrytre 8 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      Thank you for your thoughts and for giving me a read....

    • platinumOwl4 profile image

      platinumOwl4 8 years ago

      Number three can cause you to forget about number one and two.That's really where the sales person can and do pull off their magic tricks. Before you know it you are at home thinking. What the... happen. Still, it's good advice. The following is my theory: The people you attempt to impress don't count and the ones that count or not impressed.