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What the Color of Your Car Says About You from "My Car, My Life"

Updated on November 30, 2013

Color Speak


The Automotive Blog for Independent Women

Ever had your colors done? You know, talk with a fashion expert and see what colors go best with your skin tones. It was pretty amazing to see how the right colors changed your whole appearance – and mood wasn’t it? It all put that extra little thang in your strut.

When it comes time to buying a new car, keep that color experience in mind because, yes, the color of your car says a lot about you. And if you truly believe your car is your ultimate accessory, then let’s make sure you’re sending the right message. Or better yet, maybe it’s time to upgrade your image with a fabulous new statement. New car, new you!

Red Lining

Feeling in the mood for excitement? Then your colors will be red, yellow and orange. A strong, vibrant red gives you that sexy, high-energy statement with a strong dash of speed demon. You know where you’re going and you’re getting there FAST. But if that’s the message you want to send, make sure you stick with the pure reds. Those metallic colors? They say wannabe and has been. It’s sort of like putting a coat of dust on your glory days. Metallics say, “I’m longing for the way things were.”

Mello Yellow

Yellow puts things back in the sunny, joyful disposition. Just looking at a good, true yellow makes you smile and want to skip for a while. And if you’ve got that fickle trickster glint in your eye, then orange is your best friend.

Purple Passions

Wanna show off your individualistic, creative streak? Then you’re going to be right at home with purple, the deeper the better.

Solid Gold

What about a champagne gold? The bubbly says it all – you’re the lioness that relishes the finer things and for all your intelligence, you have just as much warmth. You’re about luxury all the way around and you’re willing to pay for it.

Pure White

Into white? White is an interesting color, since it is the absence of color. A lot of folks claim it shows dirt the least so if you’re not into weekly washing, it might be the color for you. But white is said to represent fastidiousness. It has also been the symbol for innocence, purity and goodness in popular culture. What horse does the good guy always ride into town on? A white one…and the hero always wears a white hat. But all that whiteness gets a lot of attention, so don’t be surprised if you get hit with that status-seeking extrovert label every so often.

Falling off the Radar

If you side toward the autumnal colors of beige, taupe, light brown, you can try to admit you’re showing your timelessness sprinkled with simplicity, but come on, you’re pretty much saying you’re a slow lane girl who sort of just likes to (yawn) hang out…. And let’s not get started on brown. Earthiness, plain and simple.

Gray Area

And if you really want to reinforce what some would call the sober, corporate attitude, then go straight for the gray. If you really want to confuse people, buy a gray sports car. Of course, you’ve got to be comfortable with sending mixed messages, hey, isn’t that what corporate life is all about anyway?

Power Suit

Is the power thing the message you want to send? You know, confident, credible, dependable. Then your color will be dark blue. If you want to go deeper into this vein and stress empowerment with a sense of intrigue, then black is the way to go – but remember, the bad boys? They drive black cars. But there’s also the elegance of black limousines. There’s a lot going on with these deep colors.

Going Green

A deep dark green puts an interesting spin on the above theme. This color represents more of a trust-worthy traditionalist who is considered well-balanced. Think British racing green and you get an interesting mix of impressions. Because of the “green” think everyone is stressing these days, variations of this color may start becoming more and more popular.

Striking Silver

One of the most popular colors is silver because it speaks of elegance and coolness and remember high school? Everyone wanted to be one of the cool kids. Maybe that’s why its been the top choice of so many. If you want to give out the same cool vibe but with a dash of calm faithfulness, go for that silvery-light blue.

Not Just Whimsy

What you need to know about all this color-talk is that it’s all backed up by research. The colors manufacturers choose to dip their vehicles into are not random guesses. They do a lot of testing to get the right palette for each model. Ever notice how manufactures will have similar but not exactly the same color for their vehicle? Some shades just don’t look right on some models. Bet you had no idea you and your car had so much in common.


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