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How Women Relate to Their Cars

Updated on July 7, 2014

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My Car, My Life: The Automotive Blog for Independent Women

It’s time to “fess-up!” The moment of truth has arrived. We’re going to have a sharing moment by taking a look at you and your relationship with your vehicle of choice, be it a car, SUV, Crossover, Minivan Mom-mobile, Van or Pick-up.

The following are several “poll” questions you can answer. The format makes it possible for us at My Car, My Life to tabulate the results. Let’s see what answers you come up with. Whaddoyathink? Could there be a correlation between attitudes toward your vehicle and the men/man in your life? Hmmmmm.

MCML Confidential #1

Do you buy a vehicle yourself or get male backup?

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MCML Confidential #2

Get a root canal or buy a car?

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MCML Confidential #3

Is your car basic transportation or a statement/fashion accessory?

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MCML Confidential #4

Is your vehicle super clean or mobile purse?

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MCML Confidential #5

Who drives when you have girls night out?

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MCML Confidential #6

Do you think women need to have more say in the design of cars/trucks?

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MCML Confidential #7

Do you have your car serviced yourself or do you get male backup?

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