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New Audi A3 2012-2013 tdi, 2.0T Premium Quattro & frontrak Wagon review with specifications

Updated on July 11, 2012
New Audi A3 2012-2013 model
New Audi A3 2012-2013 model

Audi A3 is a beautiful family car which is continuously attracting its customers since 1996. Audi A3 is the very first model in Audi A-Series. New Audi A3 2012-2013 model is very much able to make the first impression on the eyes of viewers. It will catch your eyes at first sight with its strong sporty looks along with luxuries of hatchbacks. Second generation of Audi A3 started from year 2003 and now it has entered in the third generation of its production from 2012. Audi A3 2012-2013 is available in three standard models, with unmatched fuel efficiency without compromising in its performance. It’s a great mixture of various technologies. There are unlimited features available along with strong navigation system and double sunroof, luxurious interior and eyecatching exterior in Audi A3. This car is a step ahead of its competitors. Either you are driving it on smooth city roads or visiting some rural area, you will feel the same level of driving comfort with almost no fix. New Audi A3 is ultimately sensible and more alive as compared to its contemporary designs.

New Audi A3 tdi wagon "White"
New Audi A3 tdi wagon "White"

New Audi A3 models

Audi A3 is available in three basic models with slight different in their specifications. These models of new Audi A3 are:

  1. 2.0T Premium 4dr Front-wheel Drive FrontTrak
  2. 2.0 TDI Premium 4dr Front-wheel Drive FrontTrak
  3. 2.0T Premium 4dr All-wheel Drive Quattro

A3 Dashboard
A3 Dashboard

Interior of Audi A3

Interior of Audi A3 is really a great combination of comfort and convenience. Everything inside looks well balanced with ultimate quality material. Cockpit and rear seats have a lot of legroom for a pleasing sitting experience. Driving seat is little lower to give you the feel of a sports car. Rear seats can be flipped down to increase the area for your luggage, whenever required. Dashboard is wide and clear. Power steering is very smooth with a soft grip. Door handles may not be able to attract you that much but doors are really wide to ease the entrance and exit. Audi A3 has dual sunroof with retractable sunshades. Both sunshades allow a little more intensity of light to enter inside the cabin which may not be suitable in summers. Rest of all is fine and up to the mark.

Interior Front cabin view

New Audi A3 2012-2013 interior " dashboard"
New Audi A3 2012-2013 interior " dashboard"

Interior-Rear cabin view

new Audi A3 rear cabin
new Audi A3 rear cabin
interior colors audi a3
interior colors audi a3

Interior color options for new Audi A3

Interior color options for new Audi A3

You can select one of the four standard color options available to decorate the interior of this car. All color interiors are available with Leather seating surfaces. But you can opt for titanium package where black interior will contain Alcantara seating surfaces instead of leather. Other than these you can later on modify it according to your choice. The standard four color options for new Audi A3 interior are:

  1. Black with leather seating surfaces
  2. Light Gray with leather seating surfaces
  3. Luxor Beige with leather seating surfaces
  4. Black with Alcantara seating surfaces

Technical Interior details of all three models of A3

Exterior of Audi A3

You are having a lot of colors to choose from to make your Audi A3 more attractive. It’s a compact five door hatchback fitted on short wheelbase. Some people also call it a wagon due to the presence of strong fourth pillar at rear end. The engineers at Audi have perfectly fitted the body on the chassis to give it a pretty good look. Front and rear pillars give it a strong look with two box body fitting.

Exterior Side View

Side view of A3
Side view of A3

Exterior front view

front view
front view

Exterior- rear side view

rear side view
rear side view

Exterior cargo trunk of new Audi A3

A3's exterior cargo trunk
A3's exterior cargo trunk

Engine Compartment of new Audi A3

A3 exterior colors
A3 exterior colors

New Audi A3-Exterior color options

You have 9 options to choose the right color of your Audi A3. These colors are listed below along with their visuals.

  1. Brilliant Black
  2. Brilliant Red
  3. Scuba Blue metallic
  4. Deep sea blue pearl effect
  5. Lava Gray pearl effect
  6. Meteor Gray pearl effect
  7. Ice Silver metallic
  8. Ibis White
  9. Monza Silver metallic

Technical Exterior details of all models of "A3"

Audi A3 Specification and performance

New Audi A3 is powered by a four cylinders with 2.0 litre turbo charged (2.0 T) 200 hp gas engine. The other option available is 140 hp 2.0 litre turbo-diesel engines (TDI). Both engines produce high amount of power with great torque and have great performances. Normally, 2.0T is fitted with 6 speed manual gear box but you can opt for automatic S-transmission, which at the same time also provides manual way of selecting gears.

You can see here, the other specification of new Audi A3. The specs are listed for all available models of Audi A3

Performance details of all models of new Audi A

Mechanical Specifications of new Audi 2012-2013 all models

Audi A3 Safety features

Safety is a major concern while purchasing any type of car. Audi A3 will provide you a standard safety with its 6 major security components which are mentioned below

  • Anti-lock brakes: Fitted with ABS brakes which are capable of modulating the pressure of brakes in times of extreme braking conditions. This system also helps on sharp turns to continue safe driving.
  • Stability Control: When the vehicle becomes very unstable it automatically applies brakes accordingly and reduces the power of engine to bring bake the vehicle in control of driver.
  • Three side airbags- Audi A3 provides you three side protections with airbags. It comes with Front-impact airbags, Side-impact airbags and Overhead airbags to protect from the most possible collisions.
  • Seatbelt Pretensioners: Seatbelt pretensioners tighten the seatbelts automatically during collision to reduce the impact of collision by providing the most optimal seating to the occupant.
  • Anti-whiplash: This helps to reduce the collision forces in case of rear collision.
  • Security System: Along with central lock system and door locks, Audi A3 contains an ignition disable system. If anyone tries to start the car with a key other than the original key, it prevents engine to let start the car.

New Audi A3 mileage (MPG) or EPA

All three variants of Audi A3 has the same fuel tank capacity of 14.6 gallon but they have a lot of difference as far as their EPA or MPG is concerned.
2.0T Premium-4-dr Front wheel Drive Frontrak gives the mileage of 21 in city and 30 on highway drive.

2.0 TDI Premium-4-dr Front-wheel Drive Frontrak have the highest mileage among all. It can run for 30 miles in city and 42 miles on highway after burning one litre of diesel.

2.0T Premium 4dr All-wheel Drive quattro is the true Audi A3 quattro which has the lowest MPG among all variants due to its four wheel drive system. But the difference is very very less as compared to 2.0T Premium Frontrak. It gives the mileage of 21 mpg in city whereas 28 mpg on highway.

The whole story of new Audi A3 mileage can be summarized very simply with the help of a small table. Just see the picture below to understand more clearly. And if you have any query about EPA, MPG (Miles Per Gallon) or their conversions in KMPL (Kilometer Per Litre), then comment section below is always open for you. Please, you may continue reading the hub.

MPG or Mileage per gallon of all audi A3 variants

Most exciting features of Audi A3: The vital info

New Audi A3 has few most exciting features which make it a good investment. You can notice the most vital things about Audi A3 in addition to its fabulous looks.

vital information about new Audi a3 2012-2013
vital information about new Audi a3 2012-2013

Awards and Accolades won by Audi A3

In the very first year of its production it was awarded with “Golden Steering Wheel award and won “Auto tropy” award (Autozeitung) in 1997. Auto Motor and Sport readers poll Best Car award was also taken away by Audi A3 in the year 1997, 1999 and 2000. Later on it was awarded as the Brazilian Car of the year in year 2000 and then again Car of the year award in 2006 in South Africa. But the journey of its success doesn’t stop here as it has recently entered in the third generation of production and is now coming boldly with an extra boost of information and technology.

Golden Steering Wheel Award
Golden Steering Wheel Award

Don't even think of purchasing an old, used Audi A3

It is always a good investment to purchase a new car to enjoy maximum benefits. But nowadays, I have seen many people purchasing used Audi A3 wagons. The craze of used Audi A3 cars is due to its great success and comparatively better performance along this segment of cars. I would never recommend you to purchase an old Audi A3 which is available in market for sale. You might be thinking, why? What is the harm in purchasing an used Audi A3? Yes, this investment would keep you away from the latest technologies, new material, new comfort, new style, much more space inside, high safety than before, and the overall style, and ultimately that feel of a new Audi A3. Sorry, but I can’t take this chance and miss the opportunity of purchasing a brand new Audi A3 with these kind of specification.

2004 Model of Audi A3 "hatchback" with 3 doors

Audi A3 (2004 model) 2.0 TDI SE 3DR engine. in Brilliant Red color
Audi A3 (2004 model) 2.0 TDI SE 3DR engine. in Brilliant Red color

Feel the luxury and style with the great interior and exterior combo, watching this video about new Audi A3 2012

Would you like to drive the all new Audi A3 wagon?

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    • V4U profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Gwalior

      @Treasuresofheaven: Thanks for the appreciation. And you are most welcome to my hubs. You would be glad to know that you are the very first person to comment on any of my hub, I just can't forget you !!

    • Treasuresofheaven profile image

      Sima Ballinger 

      6 years ago from Michigan

      All the Audis are beautiful vehicles. The hatchback has become my favorite. I appreciate your commentary about purchasing a used Audi Wagon. It's just a sweet vehicle!


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