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Buying a Car Battery? - AAA

Updated on August 28, 2011

AAA Battery Program

So, What do you really think of the AAA Battery Program?

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Cheaper is not always better...

I am not the type to change vehicles very often.  I decided long ago that my champaign (my car) and I were going to be together until the bottom fell out of her and she had no more left to give.  Now 11 years into the relationship, Champaign and I have some stories to tell.  When you have a relationship as long as ours is, some things start to need replacing.  Similar to the '7 year itch' in marriages, the cost of replacing transmissions and alternators make you want to look over on the other side of the fence a little bit.  Ultimately, unless there are extra damages, a complete replacement ends up being cheaper than everything on the other side of the fence, so stop looking...

I want to talk about your battery.  You more than likely have had your run in with your battery in the past and surely will again in the future.  I am not a car person or a mechanic.  I am a car driver.  I am not the type that knows what all the crap under the hood is or what its for.  As a courtesy, I pay attention when someone is speaking car to me and pointing to random shapes under my hood.  I will be respectful and present my concentration eyebrows and throw in a few 'ahh, I see" comments but the truth is I am completely lost.  I can push car out of the way (very slowly) on a flat surface, change my tire, get my oil changed, and call for help.  In committing to Champaign, I have had to call for help...a lot.  Thank the Lord for my AAA membership.  On my way home from the beach one day my car completely died and I needed a battery.  I thought for sure that I was going to have to pay tons of money.  I mean this guy was driving out to me in the middle of nowhere to install a battery.  Does that just sound expensive?  I was honestly thinking of finding a Wal-Mart.  They are everywhere, right?  I remember paying $60 - $80 bucks with a year replacement before taxes.  I also remember having to buy one just after the year was up two or three times! :(

Thankfully my bill with taxes and everything was $114.  That was not as bad as I thought.  Now, the program that they have is what really floored me!  The program is the reason that I am sharing this with you today.  First, you do not have to have a AAA membership to get this.  Second, they have a 3 year, full replacement program.  THREE YEARS!  In 3 years, I had purchased 2 or 3 batteries from Wal-Mart...  Are you ready for the third thing?  Third, they will come to you anywhere you are, in any state, at any time, to change your battery.  That takes a ton of worry off of me.  I like road trips and these things seem to want to happen to you when you have no idea where you can buy a battery.  Finally, you do not need a receipt!  They can look it up while you are on the phone with them.  Try telling Wal-Mart to look you up in their system, especially if you did not have it installed there.

Oh I forgot one more thing, after the THREE YEAR free replacement, you have another THREE YEAR prorated replacement.  I like stating that THREE YEAR!!!

In a world of just enough, I like to share, recommend, and praise things that will give you more.  I do not work and have never worked for AAA.  Thanks to me and my car issues, I have used their services plenty of times.  They do not know that I am doing this, you can tell them if you like.  I am not getting anything for doing this, but if you would like to tell them to add 3 more service calls to my plan as a thank you, I would love it.  Champaign and I have had a rough year and its still early.

To contact AAA for your next battery call 800-AAA-HELP

Many Blessings!


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      Lissette 6 years ago from Central Florida

      Thank you to whoever gave me my first awesome! I am really excited about it.