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No Parking Signs

Updated on January 12, 2009

A Chinese driver who works for a Chinese herbal medicine shop, always gets fine for car parking at wrong time or in wrong place or both, because he knows little English. His boss pays for it several times, for this happens while he is doing deliveries, and his wages are only £40, a £20 fine takes away half of his wages. But he never learns, although his boss feel quite sorry for him, but can't pay it any more.

No parking signs has many forms, basically it may consists of:

No parking + [place, time, consequence, persons, reasons]

1. No parking

Strictly no parking

2. No parking + [place]:

Police notice, no parking in this area No parking on roads no parking in front of this gates no parking beyond this point strictly no parking, outside this premises

3. No parking + [time]

no parking at any time

No parking, access required at all times

Strictly no parking, not 5 minutes, not 3 seconds, not at all, not shift

4. No parking + [consequences]

Unauthorised parking will be reported and prosecuted

unauthorised vehicles will be clamped

Beware! No parking, vehicles will be clamped

No unauthorised parking, wheel clamping in operation

5. No parking + [reasons]

No parking, children crossing

No parking, entrance in constant use

6. No parking + [person]

No parking except for DAD, no if's, and's or but's about it!

(This No Parking signs let everyone know whose spot it is.)


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