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No felonies for biker mob and Range Rover, reasons

Updated on October 3, 2013
crooked scenario
crooked scenario

NYC biker mob and Range Rover

Small crimes? Maybe, but felonies no. I have seen the video on the incident between the 30-40 bikers and the Range Rover SUV. It was in Manhattan's west highway this started. I'll first start with the SUV driver and beginning of the incident. What happened was a biker bumped into Mr. Lien's SUV so they both stopped. But at the same time all the many bikers stopped too. In the video after they stopped Mr. Lien plowed through about 3 bikers. It does not seem to show any bikers assaulting him and his family. But we also can not absolutely hear from the video what was said if there was any communication between the 2 parties. Could Mr. Lien have been threaten then drove off for his families life or hit and run? It is not 100% known. Does he have the right to defend himself if necessary? Yes indeed. Now on to the bikers. Do they also have the right to defend themselves, in this case an associate(s)? Yes. One biker ran over was seriously injured and wasn't the one who bumped the SUV, a few had minor injuries. So a chase of the SUV ensued on the highway onto merging streets. The bikers caught up with Mr. Lien because he had to stop at a red light with other cars in front of him. One biker took of his helmet to smash the driver side window then the video cut off. This here is the only absolute crime that happened. Nobody knows with 100% certainty what happened during the fight. Yes we assume it was between the bikers and Mr. Lien but could a chance passers by jumped in? Maybe, Maybe not. Nor do we know if anything happened right away during the red light stop. It was said a biker slashed Mr. Lien but it could look that way from his falling on the pavement. If I was judge or jury I would at minimum have the bikers (we don't know how many, just know large 30 to 40) pay for his window or any damage to his car.

The biker who was seriously hurt and paralyzed was Jeremiah Mieses. His wife and mother came out and claimed he was a victim too. Some people on blog claim he had it coming for cause a ruckus with the bikers. In reality we don't know this nor what he was doing during the incident. He wasn't even the biker who bumped Alexian Lien. A few claim Lien was targeted for being Asian but we can't prove this. Some even make fun of Lien's driving for being Asian as well, which has nothing to do with the incident.


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