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David Brown. Tractors & luxury Marque's.

Updated on March 31, 2011

The Aston Martin Marque

Davis Brown- Manufacturer of Tractors, Gears & luxury Marque motor vehicles- Many years ago when I was a child my grandad as we called him used to tell me interesting stories...

My grandad managed to work in the same factory from when he was 13 years old till the day he retired at 65. At age 13 he used to climb between the cotton machinery and clean the overworked machinery when it was not operating. During the week he would do general labouring around the factory. In the 1930's the factory was taken over by David Brown and started producing tractors and other farm machinery. During the war years the factory produced tractors and engines and gears for the war effort. No time was spared and it operated 24/7.

After the war the factory resumed production of the Tractor which started being exported around the world. For some time David Brown was in partnership by a gentleman named Massey who split at some stage and went on to create Massey-Ferguson tractors.

During the1940's 1950's David Brown went onto to produce fine cars and 'Gears'. The motor cars became modern day Marques with the Lagonda now a legendary collector’s piece. Other Marques such as the Jensen Interceptor the Aston Martin in all their models became popular with the connoisseur.

My Grandfather retired at 65 the same year I started work. 1972. In the 1990's David Brown tractors were taken over by the CASE group and the factory where my Grandfather worked all his life-was mothballed. I visited the factory in 2000 and was aghast when I saw the once busy factory in Meltham as an empty vandalised shell.


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