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Oxford Stormex Motorbike Cover Review: Security, Protection, Peace of Mind All In One Product

Updated on July 18, 2012

So the Oxford Stormex Motorcycle Cover is another addition to my motorcycle arsenal. The great British Weather hasn't been so great lately and my bike has had to spend a good few nights out in the rain. This isn't the only reason why I bought the Oxford Stormex cover. My bike is Bright Green and stands out even at night. There are many theories on motorcycle security as to whether you should leave your bike in a well lit area so that it can be seen I prefer to keep my bike chained to something solid and out the way so it's not seen in the first place. The Stormex covers the complete bike not giving any idea what's underneath it. When I knew I wanted to purchase a bike cover I went on the hunt to see what was on offer. I've bought car covers in the past, cheap ones and you really do get what you pay for. I knew the same principle would apply to motorbike covers. The cheap car covers I've bought in the past were a waste of money, I'm not too sure what they actually protected my car against. Most of them are not waterproof, tear is easily, poor fitment, easily blow off. So with this in mind I knew what my car cover needed to do to cover my bike. Oxford products always stand out to me, whenever I go in to the motorbike shop, their products always stand out and it is obviously apparent they're quality products. I own 2 Oxford chains and Oxford disc lock. In my search the Oxford Stormex stood out but it isn't cheap.

My bike covered by the top notch Oxford Stormex Motorbike Cover
My bike covered by the top notch Oxford Stormex Motorbike Cover

There are plenty of covers on the market and I nearly made the same mistake of buying a cheap cover, just something to disguise/ camouflage my bike in to the darkness but I'm glad I stopped myself buying a cheapo cover. The problems I had with my car covers would definitely be the same with a cheap bike cover. I did see that Oxford did a lower model cover, Oxford Rainex, this protects your bike against rain only, the price wasn't far off the price of a Stormex. I did umm and rrrr about it for quite a while but bit the bullet and decided to get a Stormex cover. What an excellent piece of kit. The purchase was well worth it. The cover is really thick, giving me confidence it will protect my bike against what it says it will. The stand out feature on Oxford covers is the eye-lits to put your chain through the cover, meaning not only can I secure my bike but also the cover. These eyelets are at the front and the back giving you either option. The cover has a thermal lining which is noticeably warm and help with corrosion reduction in the winter months,The cover is elasticated giving a snug fit. The logo's are reflective, I didn't really want this but I suppose this is so no one drives in to it, there's also 2 reflective triangles front and rear and also pockets (not sure what you would put in those). There's also a belly strap which is adjustable. The comparison between a cheap cover and this, is immense. When buying online sizing is always a worry as what the manufacturers say and what it really is can always be different. I went with Oxfords guide, buying a Medium which is the sports bike sizing and as you can see in my pic. It fits great!


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