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Picking the right twin turbo's for your Rb26DETT

Updated on January 14, 2014


With all the choices out there, picking the right pair of turbo's for your RB26DETT can be a daunting task, plus expensive if you go too big or too small. In this article I'll be focusing on three choices. There are many more options, but I feel these three are the best for the modification level they fit.


How much boost can the stock turbos run? The stock turbos have ceramic wheels, so the max boost you can run on them before the wheels can break and cause massive engine damage is .8 bar, .1 bar equals just under 1.5 pounds of boost. If you plan on leaving your RB26DETT relatively stock or have light modifications, there is no need to spend thousands on new turbos. That money could be better spent elsewhere, besides with the stock turbos you'll have virtually no lag, which is a huge plus.

HKS 2530

A pair of 2530's are perfect for light to medium modification. They have a max boost of 1.25 bar, and max power output of about 550 hp. The stock pistons and rods can handle around 600 hp before you run the risk of them failing, so if you want to beef up your rb26 without having to pull the engine to rebuild, these turbos fit perfectly. They do have a little lag, but not enough to make a huge difference.

TD-06 20g

Want to make huge, tire melting power? Look no further than a pair of TD-06 20g turbos. With a max power of 600 hp each, these turbos will handle just about anything you throw at them. The problem, however, is they won't reach full boost till between 5,000 and 6,000 RPM, but if you have the modifications to support these, you no should have the head work in place to raise the rev limiter to either 10,000 or 11,000.


Make sure you are realistic in your power goals, No point spending tons of money on bigger turbos when smaller ones will do. Also, if you replace the stock turbos, don't add an atmosphere venting blow off valve, you don't want all that boost you built up in first and second to get released so you have to build it up again in third.

Lastly, remember this is a guide, not an absolute truth. There are plenty of upgrades between each of the three choices I've went over here. Figure out exactly where you want to be power wise, and find a pair of turbos that match.


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