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Nascar Races

Updated on September 13, 2018

A Day At The Races

A Day at the Races
A Day at the Races | Source

Another Race Weekend

Since we bought our 1st RV many years ago, my husband and I have been going to the Pocono Race Track for the Nascar Races. The first few years we went and parked in the infield at turn 3 from Thursday until Monday and enjoyed watching the weekend races with our RV neighbors. It was such great fun and lots of food and no sleep.

Sometimes we had the same people parking next to us and sometimes we would meet new friends. The party just grew and grew. There was so much food and drinks and just good fun. We had games, horseshoes etc. and many people just walking by would join in on. Once a year we would bring our grandson that was 4 when he started.

Thursday-Setting Up

We get up the to infield about 10am and set up the RV. We go early as we live only an hour away and we want to park in the same spot every year. I set the inside up (slide out pushed out, bathroom and bedroom in order, kitchen area all set) and my husband takes care of the outside (grill, rugs, tables, chairs, etc). When we are all done we have lunch and wait for other members to show up. Thats when the fun starts.

We help some of the other people set up their areas. Some have RV's, trailers, pop ups and tents. It is so much fun to watch all these people put things together. Some come with their spouse and some come with a bunch of guys. Each one has their own unique way of putting their site together. Some of these people have been going there almost 20 years and know exactly the way they want it to be.

After doing this so many years some of the people have their little compounds inside the big compound and set up together all the time. We have so many people within our area. We eat together and hang out together and still socialize with the others. Some of the guys bring fire rings and its a lot of fun as the night goes on.

Setting up at the race track
Setting up at the race track | Source

Volunteering at the Race Track

During the 3rd year going to the track, we heard about people that do volunteer work there and had lots of fun doing it. We were told who to get in touch with and we did many years of volunteering. We went to both Pocono Races, in June and August. We have done everything from putting wrist bands on thousands of people to guarding the cars so people won't go near them, guarding the drivers and help them get from one place to another without having any issues and the biggest job is making a safe environment for the spectators and keeping them safe from getting hurt.


It seems every race weekend at the track has at least one major rainy day. It doesn't stop everyone from having a great time anyway. The people just eat, drink and socialize more. Never go to race track without rain gear, even if its only plastic ponchos.

This year was special as the fans got to see three races on Sunday, Race Day. Saturday was rained out so the two races scheduled were postponed and ran on Sunday just before the big race. It was a lot of fun and most of the people had a great time. It was a long day, especially for the many groups of people working.

You Don't Have to be a Race Car Fan But It Helps

A lot of the people that go to the races are not big race car fans, they enjoy being outside with friends and love the weekend away and enjoy camping. For the people that don't camp or have a trailer or RV, they can view the race from the stands. There is so much to do before the race and kids love all the activities too and excitement.

There are concerts in the infield and on Saturday night, weather permitting, there is a very nice fireworks display.

One can buy tee shirts and many souvenirs of their favorite drivers and cars. There are some games for people to play and of course there is always taping of the shows that go on before the races. Who knows, you might see your favorite drivers real close and get an autograph.


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