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2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S Review

Updated on June 22, 2020

In this article I will be reviewing the new Porsche 911 Turbo S which by the way Porsche claims is even faster than the previous 911. So stick to the review to find out how much of an upgrade the new 911 has on the previous one, the good and not so good things about this car and to see if it is worth your consideration.


Let's start off this review by talking about the new 911 Turbo S engine. So the new Porsche 911 comes with 3.745 liter ( Porsche actually states the engine size as 3.8 which is annoying) twin turbo flat 6 engine with 650 horse power and 800Nm of torque which means that the new 911 has 70 more horsepower and 50 more newton meters of torque than the normal Carrera 4s. It weighs 1640 kilograms and is obviously an all wheel drive vehicle. It has a 8 speed pdk dual clutch automatic gear box with launch control and Porsche claims that this car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.7 seconds which is 0.2 of a second faster than the normal Carrera 4s.



Let's now talk about the design of the new 911. The new Turbo S has a redesigned bumper with real vents of course and it has upturned fins in the center of the bumper which kinda gives the car an aggressive look in my opinion. The new 911 has 20 inch alloy wheels at the front and 21 inch alloy wheels at the rear and it has the the turbo air scopes on the sides of the cars which like the air vents on the bumper are indeed real ones and do actually serve a purpose.


At the back the Turbo S is 8mm wider than the normal Carrera 4s across it's rear haunches which is hilarious actually because it's hard for me to figure out why exactly is that useful. The spoiler on the new 911 is visible rather than the pop out version on the normal Carrera 4s the spoiler on this one, however, does pop up further when you are going at higher speeds. Another upgrade on the new Turbo S is that this one has horizontal brake lights rather than the vertical ones on the Carrera 4s. The rear bumpers are also upgraded it has bigger vents and the number plate is also moved up the reason for that being that there are some more vents down there.



The interior on the new Turbo S is pretty much the same as the normal Carrera 4s which means it's quite nicely laid out, has a good sportier feel to it and has a great driving position and overall the cabin of the new Turbo S feels quite luxurious. An upgrade worth mentioning is that you get 18 way adjustment seats rather than the normal 4 way adjustment on the previous 911.

The central infotainment system on the new Turbo S is pretty decent as for the drivers display you get a center analog dial for the rev count. The analog dial is surrounded by two digital screens on both sides of it. On the Turbo S you also have the picture of the car in the display which in my opinion looks cool.

The Turbo S also gets the upgraded extended leather so you have leather on the dash and on the doors which gives an ostentatious look to the interior of the Turbo S. As standard you also get the sports Chrono which includes the drive mode selector on the steering wheel which is quite handful in my opinion.



The new Turbo S is not quite the car that offers the best practicality. As for the back seats you can have two adults back there only if you like to torture them. There is, however, space for kids in the back seats but to sit in the back isn't exactly pleasant at all. Since the rear seats are of little to no use you can fold them down if you want to have some more storage space.


As for the boot on the new Turbo S it's actually a decent size and has 128 liters of capacity which is more than that of an Audi R8. Though an annoying thing, however, about the boot is that the previous 911 had a 132 liters of capacity whereas this one has 4 liters less than that of it's predecessor.



Compared to the normal Carrera 4s the new Turbo S track which is the distance between the wheels 43mm wider at the back and 6mm narrower at the front. You can also get the retuned sport suspension with adaptive dampers to choose between a firm or soft suspension. You can also upgrade to the optional sports suspension which can lower the car by 10mm.

You also get Porsche torque vectoring as standard which is an electrically controlled slip differential which sends power to the rear wheels to help get you out of corners. The new Turbo S is also fitted with dynamic engine mount what this exactly does is that when the car is driving normally they kinda relax to help avoid vibrations getting in to the cabin and when the car is going through corners it is stiffened to prevent the engine from moving all here and there. There also anti body roll feature which does the same job as well.

As standard you also get the rear wheel steering on the new Turbo S. What they do exactly is that when the car is going at slower speeds the wheels turn in opposite direction to help improve low speed maneuvering and turn in the same direction when the car is going at higher speeds to aid high speed stability.


Good things about the new 911

  • The 8 speed automatic gear has a longer final gear compared to the normal Carrera 4s which means that it has a higher top speed of 205mph.
  • You can pay £1700 pounds to get a front axel lift so that you don't damage your car while going over speed breakers.
  • Apart from the extendable rear spoiler there is also an extendable front splitter which when you're going at higher speeds gives a combined down force 100kg.
  • Turbo chargers in the new Turbo S spin the opposite way to improve airflow to the engine for quicker response.

Annoying things about this car

  • The new Turbo S is 40 kilo heavier than the normal Carrera 4s which is annoying because a sport car successor should lighter than the previous one.
  • To get the car to sound as good as it should you need to pay for the sport exhaust which is £2180 option.
  • The new Turbo S finds it harder to keep up with the claimed mileage of 23 miles per gallon.


The new Porsche 911 Turbo S starts from around £156000 and as standard you get Porsche matrix led headlights, a reversing camera, metallic paint and an upgraded Bose stereo.


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