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Difference Between Projector Headlight and HID Xenon

Updated on July 28, 2012

HID XENON Projector head lights are a group of specially designed head lights which provides better light and visibility than conventional lights. Both Halogen and Xenon bulbs are used as light source in this system. This light consists of a condenser lens situated in front of an ellipsoid reflector. The bulb is placed at the focus of the reflector and there is a shade located between the bulb and condenser which governs the intensity of the low beam from the projector head lamp.

The condenser lens is having some rings which meant for transmitting light to some elevated surface. This enables the driver to notice the sign boards placed above. Usually, the light emerged from these projector lamps have very high intensities and traces straight path.

The German companies like HELLA, and BOSCH introduced projector lamps in the market at the last phase of 1980s. There is also a complaint that this light will affect the vision from the vehicles coming opposite.

HID Xenon

HID is an abbreviation for HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE. The remaining portion of the name stands for the gas used inside this bulb. These lamps have similar working with the tube lights and sodium vapor lamps. This light emits a bluish white beam. Xenon bulbs are able to emit more light than halogen bulbs while consuming comparatively lower power. Halogen bulbs produces 700 to 2100 Lumens of light by consuming 40-72 watts of energy while HID can produce 2800-3500 Lumens by the consumption of 35-38 Watts.

The light emitted from HID bulbs contains ultra violet radiation. In order to protect the poly carbonate parts of headlight system, there is a protective layer provided for these lights.

The bulbs having name starts with the letter ‘S’ is suitable for projector head lamps and those named with letter ‘R’ suits for ordinary lamps. These bulbs emit a light having intensity nearer to the day light and hence improve the area under the vision of the driver. So it can be considered as increasing the safety of the ride.


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