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Rage Behind The Wheel

Updated on February 26, 2012

Road Rage

Road Rage is something you see everyday as your driving or sitting in traffic. Road Rage is an aggressive behavior of rude gestures,driving in an unsafe manner,verbal insults,making threats, this kind of behavior leads to altercations.assaults,collisions that can lead to serious injuries and even death. More Than 1600 People are killed or injured from a road rage incidents each year. Road Rage is an increasing problem and will continue to rise if we all keep reacting in an aggressive way.

Incidents that are considered to be Road Rage are tailgating,cutting someone off that's in a lane, slamming on your breaks because someone is following behind to closely or speeding up behind someone because there driving to slow,Tapping the back of there car with your vehicle, Rude Gestures like giving the finger or raising your fist,threatening to use a Gun or any deadly weapon, throwing objects at the other vehicle and hitting it, Getting out of your vehicle to come face to face and throw punches.


Signs That Show You Have Road Rage

If your sitting in a Traffic Jam and a car sneaks up along side of you and creeps his way in a little space in front of you and you feel your blood start to boil and you want to get out and tell that person what you think or if you do, do it then that's a sign that you have Road Rage. When you start to feel this way take a deep breath and remember that everyone makes mistakes including you try to remember a time you did something while driving and try to make humor of it. If you have family or friends with you and a road rage incident starts to happen listen to your friends advice if there telling you to calm down, a clam attitude is healthier for you and helps you think with a clear head. Also think about it your already sitting in a traffic Jam so why have an confrontation it will only hold you up longer.

Dealing With Someone Else's Road Rage

If you made a mistake and it has caused another person in a vehicle to become angry with you the best thing for you to do is not to make eye contact with that person because they may take it as your looking to fight. Remember everyone makes mistakes. The best thing to do is if a car wants to get ahead of you just give them a friendly gesture and let them in and besides you don't know what kind of person in that vehicle you could end up dealing with and it's not worth the problems it could cause. When driving and Road Rage incident starts you should call 911 and always lock your doors and keep your windows up and remain in your car to help keep you from physical harm in case an altercation starts.


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