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Re Amemiya

Updated on May 10, 2009
Typical RE Amemiya RX7
Typical RE Amemiya RX7

The Rotary Gods

 Mazda's FD3S RX7 is synonymous with performance.  Produced from 1992-2002 in the Japanese market, and sold in North America from 1993 to 1995, the FD3S RX7 is often considered one of the most beautiful modern sports cars to ever come out of Japan.  Due to the lightweight, smooth, and rev-happy nature of the 13b rotary engine, it has become a favorite of tuner's and tweaker's everywhere.  The RX7, which stands for Rotary Xperimental, is a fine example of sports car design, and will continue to be considered so for quite some time, if not forever. 

Enter RE Amemiya, a small company based out of Chiba, Japan.  What started as a small rotary tuning shop has turned into a world-wide powerhouse, campaigning cars in Japan's JGTC (now Super GT) race series.  RE Amemiya was founded in 1974 by Isami Amemiya, the RE simply standing for "Rotary Engine".  Despite the relatively small amount of rotary engine powered vehicles, RE Amemiya has continued to flourish as a company, and is still growing to this day.

What does RE Amemiya offer?

 RE Amemiya offers a complete range of parts for the Mazda RX7.  Parts for both the FC3S and FD3S are offered, however this article will only cover the FD3S.  Part of the allure of RE Amemiya's parts are the excellent fitment, quality, and performance enhancing properties of the parts they offer.  Everything is offered, from the most extreme aerodynamic kits designed to enhance performance and give your car a super GT look, to suspension systems and engine components.  It's been said that if you want to own an RX7, you need to pay to play, and RE Amemiya's prices reflect that philosophy.  While prices may be high, fitment is OEM quality and second to none.

RE Amemiya GT-AD Fender Kit

RE Amemiya offers some of the most sought after aero parts on the RX7 market. One of their most coveted kits is the GT-AD widebody kit. Styled after RX7 racing cars (and used one quite a few), the GT-AD kit widens the stance of the RX7, offering a more aerodynamically friendly fender design to both the front and rear of the car. The kit also includes the side-steps seen in the picture, which fit beautifully with the front and rear fenders.  The GT-AD kit is designed to be used as a stand-alone upgrade, or to be used as a base for your widebody, race-ready RX7.  Various addons are available for the GT-AD kit, such as diffusers, air dams, and other race-ready parts.

The GT-AD kit typically sells for around $3,000 from most reputable parts importers. 

One of the various GT-AD addons

As mentioned above, the GT-AD kit is upgradeable, using parts offered by RE amemiya. One example is the air diffusers shown on the right. Designed to be used exclusively with the GT-AD kit, the diffusers channel air along the side skirts, offering low drag, and streamlining the movement of air across the surface of the car.  This leads to more secure, steady handling and utlimately, better lap times.

 RE Amemiya is a company that is strong, and continues to prosper.  So long as the legions of Mazda RX7 fans continue to support the RX7, RE Amemiya will continue to support those fans.  Without a doubt, RE Amemiya is one of the true innovators in the rotary engine tuning and developement industry, and we're all looking forward to see what they can come up with next!

Before you navigate away from this article, check out the video below - It's a fine example of the quality and performance offered by RE Amemiya!

RE Amemiya Mazda RX7 Onboard Drifting


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    • profile image

      Mico 6 years ago

      Mazda RX7s have always been a great companian.

    • profile image

      Revo Remapping 6 years ago

      I totally agree RE Amemiya Kits are the best! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this hub and watching the video

    • profile image

      steve 8 years ago

      why cant they make a good conversion for the 2nd gen. i wanna have that lotus head light too