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Removing Mustang 94-04 Shift Knob + Bezel

Updated on November 11, 2011

Removing your shift knob and bezel may need to be done for a number of reasons including installing a short shifter, painting your shift bezel, installing a new switch, or numerous other things.

What You Need

  1. Your hands

Get To Work

Before you can remove the shift bezel, you’ll need to remove your shift knob (unless you have an automatic transmission, because you have no shift boot in the way). If you have a stock shift knob, start twisting it counterclockwise. It will eventually pop off and it it doesn’t, just give it a little tug and it should come off. If you have an aftermarket shift knob, try the first method. If the knob don’t twist, look around the base of the knob for a screw holding the shift knob to the shifter. If you find one, you’ll have to loosen it to remove the shift knob. Most of these screws will require a torx wrench to remove them.

With your shift knob off, you can move on to the bezel. The bezel is held on by 4 clips as you can see pictured. You can use a screwdriver (very carefully) to pop each clip off or it can simply be pulled off by hand. Be extremely careful when popping the clips off because they like to fall off or fly somewhere else in the car. Don’t worry if the clips come off, just find them and they slide right back on.

Now that the bezel is unclipped, you just need to remove it. For 94-00 Mustangs, just slide the into a position that you can unplug the cigar lighter then slide the bezel off completely. For 01-04 models, unplug the cigar lighter as well as the rest of the buttons along the bezel then slide the bezel off completely. Make sure you keep the plugs from the wire harness in order to avoid confusion when you reinstall the shift bezel.

Reinstalling both is just the reverse of the install.


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