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Removing Scratches from Your Car

Updated on April 13, 2013

Dat Scratch!

Dat Scratch!
Dat Scratch!

What I have In This Article?

Ok, so you took a drive in your brand new car and parked it way out away from all other cars, but somehow your baby got a scratch, and now you need help removing scratches from your paint. That is really pretty simple with the right products and right knowledge.

Lets Get Started with A Nice Shower!

Now let’s get started on this minor car maintenance project. First give your car a really good bath. Even if you just had it washed, before you erase the scratch, you want it to be clean because there are environmental elements that will make it difficult for your work to adhere. Then for the same reason you want to completely dry the car. Any soap or water left will also make it difficult for the chemicals to adhere and do their work correctly and without interference.

Find the Right Product!

Now, there are many products on the market that say they will take out swirls and minor scratches, I have found Turtle Wax’s Scratch Repair kit will work just fine, and is reasonably priced. Just be sure to check and make certain that whatever you use contains a paint clarifying compound, a lubricant, a clear coat pen and abrasive pads. Most kits will cover small and larger scratches along with swirl marks.

Following Direction - Simple!

Just follow directions on the box. Basically they all will tell you to put a dime-sized amount of the clarifying compound on the soft, slightly damp, white rag (a baby diaper works great for this even if not for baby’s bottom), and rub on the area of the scratch in small circular motion until it is completely covered. Now take the time to work the product into the scratches. Check the scratches often and apply more if needed.

Keep Going!

Next take another damp white rag and apply liquid wax to the newly scratch-free area also in small circular motions. Let sit for 15 minutes or until it has a hazy film on it. Finally buff off the wax, let dry and give your vehicle another bath, dry completely and apply the liquid wax to the whole car. This is not a step you will find in any directions, but I find the final bath and wax application will put a seal on the repair.

Remember ...

The one thing you need to know is using the finest polishing compound for small or light scratches; you can also deal with deeper scratches by using a clear coat pen and abrasive pads. The clear coat pen basically fills the scratch so when light hits the scratch the paint around it reflects within to make it look like it isn’t there.

What If ...

If your scratches are in the chrome part of your vehicle you will need to use a grade 0000 steel wool with the clarifying compound. Lightly buff until the shine returns and the scratch is gone. Finish by buffing with a dry microfiber cloth.

Ta Da!!!!

No matter how deep or how many scratches you have in your vehicle you can easily perform this car maintenance project yourself without breaking the bank. One tip; be sure to take care of the scratches as they happen and do not let them exposed to the environment for very long as they will begin to rust.


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