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Repair Costs for a 1991-94 Mercury Capri

Updated on October 5, 2010
In 1994, only 4000 were made
In 1994, only 4000 were made

The 1991-94 Ford Mercury Capri will be a collector car-hands down. Only 66000 were made worldwide. Only, maybe 35-40000 still are on the road worldwide. When in production, the car received very good reviews despite the public preferring the Mazda Miata (which, in 1991, had identical engines with the Capri!). Anyone who owned one, liked driving them, especially the turbo-ized XR2 with 132 hp. They remain, 19 years later in 2010, cool cars in style and modern with overhead cams, electronic ignition, fuel injection, disc brakes.

Parts are still not a major issue largely because the Capri is built on a Mazda 323 platform, specifically, a 87-88, Protege. Thus, with plenty of the 323's and Protege's are on the market still, many of the Capri parts can be found via Mazda. Any body or interior related parts is a different matter-they are hard to find.

If you are going to collect this car, buy one now, when prices are low-$1200-3000. Typical repair costs for the following items are for parts and labor:

A/C Compressor $885

  • Alternator $680
  • Automatic Transmission or Transaxle $990
  • Brakes$260
  • Clutch, Pressure Plate, Bearing $815
  • Constant Velocity Joints $750
  • Exhaust System$470
  • Radiator $455
  • Shocks and/or Struts $690
  • Timing Chain or Belt $235
  • Replace Top $700+


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