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Review of 1963 Ferrari 250 GT/L

Updated on February 16, 2015

This is another beauty that is very valuable to those who have eyes. This car is very unique and different as compared to the cars that were present at that time.

This car has cool matching numbers that are very rare to find today. This is the first time this car is offered through actions and this is the first time opportunity for those who want to own this beauty. Now I will tell you about this car in detail.


Powerful Engine:

This car has a very powerful 240 bhp, 2,953 cc SOHC V-12 Tipo 168u engine that is capable of doing things beyond your imagination. You will see the class and power at the same time.

Beautiful Interior Design:

This car has a very beautiful interior that is very unique in lot of different ways. You will see the classic comfort that is given with look and this combination is very different and stunning.

4 Wheel Hydraulic disc brakes:

This is another prominent feature that this car offers and is very rare. You can add the safety and pleasure when you have the 4 wheel disc brakes. You will find this feature in this car with ease.

Little Bit Restoration:

This car is in its original format since its creation but you can expect some restoration that has been done in order to improve the safely and condition of this car and this will not reduce the price of this car.

Beautiful Rear:

This car has a stunning rear that is very gorgeous and stylish in every way possible. You will see the beautiful attraction that this car offers. You will be spellbound by the beauty of this car.

Original Made in Italy Stamp:

This car has one the original made in Italy stamp that represents its old classic age and honor. This is very rare feature to find in the old cars but it has preserved it with honor.


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