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Updated on September 16, 2017

The Original Free Charity Cars is a non-profit charity established in 1996. Their founding mission is to provide refurbished donated vehicles to struggling individuals or qualified entities. Considered the pioneers of the free car-ownership concept, their entrepreneurial organization is totally self-sufficient and succeeds without a penny of government funding. Year after year, their charity leads the nation in awarding free vehicles to deserving candidates across America (over 4000), many times paying for the down-payment for auto insurance, as well as the tag, title and registration fees. Additional auto related assistance provided may include mechanical repairs, body-shop repairs, roadside assistance, warranty purchases, parts purchases, rental cars, or even the down-payment for the purchase of a new or used car.

The Original Charity Cars has enjoyed an avalanche of local and national publicity, including being featured on Oprah, Montel Williams, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, and Two Guys Garage. Articles about the program have appeared in a host of publications including People Magazine, Women's World Magazine, Motor Trend, The Non-Profit Times, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Among its many awards, the organization is honored to be a past winner of the prestigious Walt Disney World Outstanding Community Service Award.

Their diverse portfolio of charitable projects includes:

  • - Free car and auto-related assistance portal.
  • - Vehicle donation portal. Also provides critical funding support to many other non-profits both locally and nationally.
  • - Begun as a 35-acre organic farm dedicated to feeding the homeless, the program has expanded through our Charity Farm Corps, Charity Victory Gardens, and Charity Farmers Market projects.The Original 1-800-Charity Cars Helps Out "Extreme Makeover ...
  • Get a Free Charity Car from America‚Äôs leading car donation / free car charity. The Original Charity Cars as seen on Montel, Good Morning America, People Magazine ...

    Currently in development, our off-the-grid domes offer a dignified solution to the homeless housing and migrant farm worker housing challenges confronting communities across America. Our goal is to establish a sustainable, totally off-the-grid homeless shelter and organic farm. The healthy living curriculum will be centered on healthy eating and consciousness raising techniques.


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    • profile image

      JEFFREY F. HULL JR. 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Monroe 4 years ago

      Hi im a 18 year old dropout i quit school to help my momma around the house and with work she had a heart attack at work once and evey since then i wanted to do most of the work so this wouldnt happen again we use to have a car it was a 2002 dodge rodeo and she wasnt in the best of conditions the car ended up breaking down on us pretty lucky for bonus because if we had driven once more with the way the belt looked on it we probably could have died she was a used car ofcourse and when we called the mechanics they ended up takung the car and kweping it and threatened my mom to pay them 1800 dollars that she didnt have or she wouldnt get her car back so now its really hard for me to find a job and my mom to try to keep hers because she always have to try to hitch rides or call expensive taxis just to show up late for work please help us im not picky with the type of vehical i dont care about small bumps and knicks or milage i just wanna be able to help me and my mom a whole heap full please and thanks p.s the mechanics were called felix if anybody see this name you hide your vehical

    • profile image

      Angela Ridenour 5 years ago

      Hello, I am a single mother of 33 who has been struggling to get her children back in her home that were wrongfully taken from her. I have lost my car in the midst of all of this chaos, and desperatly need help getting one so that they can return home where they rightfully belong. Thank you for your time and possible help!

    • profile image

      Mbasa 5 years ago

      HI i need a car to go to school and work afterschool then home...i'll even sign a contract to donate when i finish my course....0837818466

    • profile image

      Venus 6 years ago

      I recently had a car accident , broke my neck. Now that i am healed i really need a car to get back n forth to work. please help

    • profile image

      maria lamb 7 years ago

      i am a single mom with 3 kids. due to my kids loosing their father. death by a auto accident. need reliable transportation to be able to go back and forth to work so i can provide for my family. and be able to take my kids back and forth to school,doctors, and to be able to go grocery shopping.and to church. i do not have family and friends that are able to help me.i would greatly appreciate it if i could get some assistance with a vehicle. thank u so much and god bless.

    • profile image

      CarDonations 7 years ago

      Sound like a great group of organizations. I will add them to my site as well.