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Best Motorcycling in Spain

Updated on November 1, 2017


As I have said in previous hubs there is such beauty out there just waiting to be explored.

This little gem is a must for all you riders looking for challenges! For the pillion passengers of you reading this hub, you will not be disappointed with what you find when you reach the end of this ride.

If I said it was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow this would be an understatement!

Now I'm quite an emotional person and if I see or hear something that I think is worth having a little tear or two over then I will quite happily cry, now what was presented to me when we found this little gem filled me with such emotion and love for having the opportunity to have visited this place I just wanted to cry! My hubby told me not to be so daft and pull yourself together! Spoke like a true bloke that he is!

Picos de europe

The roads leading down to Riano

When I spoke to my husband about this particular ride that we did to Riano his words summed up the memory of the trip to me.

He said that I was like a parrot on his shoulder! I understood exactly what he was saying and would like to explain to you what that meant. Sometimes when I am really nervous on the back of the bike I find myself creeping forward to the left of my husband, my crash helmet is alongside his, hopefully you can picture that, so instead of just seeing my husband on the front of the bike it looks like he has two heads! I'm laughing to myself as i'm writing this as only our friends that have actually seen this display by me on the back understand and can picture the sight.

You see, it makes me feel a little more in control if my hubby knows that I am there, because sometimes the views and roads that we are riding on are so spectacular that I wonder if he would forget that I was even sat on the bike!

I tend to be able to discuss what my feelings are if I am sat in this very upright position and as my hubby and I do not use an intercom, I can talk to him and he can hear me quite easily!

This trip was the most beautiful (I think I say that with all of my hubs.......) and to call it a little gem is an understatement, it is a big fat gem waiting to be explored, now my hubby would say that the roads were out of this world and not to be missed.

Love bending and winding roads, your adore these!
Love bending and winding roads, your adore these! | Source

Riano, Leon, Spain Road Map

A markerriano spain -
24900 Riaño, León, Spain
get directions

A taste of what you will see

The video below is of a couple of comrades in riding that have been fortunate to come across this beautiful area. Take a look for yourself, when I say it is outstanding I am sure that you will agree with me.

With the road being squashed in between mountains most of the way down you feel like you are never going to come out of the mountains and see full light again!

When you do eventually come out of the mountains you are greeted by the most beautiful blue lake like I have never seen before in my life! It was so beautiful it took your breath away! I only wish that we had had more time to stay and take in the views that greeted us.

The bike was in unison with our bodies and souls

As we were riding through and down this mountain, I felt like we were in the clouds, weird I know, the sky seemed to be engrossed by the sides of the mountain, all there was to be seen was sky, mountains and the road ahead.

As my hubby rode with such precision and his momentum going around each bend seemed to be exact and I felt that our bodies were in unison with the motorbike.

All I could think about at the time was how we seemed to be going from one side to the other very gently and taking in the most awesome mountains that you have ever seen.

I never looked over the side! Take a word out of my book, if you want to be nervous and find the ride even more thrilling then by all means look over the side, your adrenalin is already at it's peak but looking over the side just is not done in my book.

Although that said my hubby constantly kept looking over the side and was making me very nervous as he screeched with delight! My goodness what a fantastic memory that was, I can see him in my mind now taking every second in.

Out of these three areas which do you think was the most beautiful as a pillion rider

These are my favourite three locations which is yours as a pillion rider

See results

The little village at the bottom of the mountains

Not only was the lake a surprise but also when you get to the bottom there is a little village, in the absolute middle of know where, I have never seen anything like it.

When we arrived at the bottom my hubby was exhausted, we had set off that day not realising what sort of a ride we were letting our selves in for, and to say it was exilarating was an understatement!

I remember sitting down with the sun shining down on us both and my hubby looked so drained I thought maybe we would need to stay at Riano overnight. Bad luck for me as my hubby said we had to go back because our host's at the gite we were staying in would be extremely worried. Looking back in hindsight we should have stayed, the time we had in such a beautiful area was not enough, therefore we are going to have to do the trip again!

Going back, warm waterproofs need to be worn in the mountains!

The main thing I noticed when it was time to return and go back up the mountain was that it was cold!

Extremely cold, my hubby had told me to put my waterproofs on over the top of my leathers which we both did but I am not kidding you it was freezing, the sun had gone down and the mountains seemed so different going back.

In fact I would say they seemed almost scary, daunting and I did actually feel quite alone without the sun shining on the mountains and reflecting on to the Riano lake.

I remember my hubby saying how tired he was as we twisted round and round the mountain and it just seemed to go on forever.

If we hadn't of had our wet gear I am quite sure we would have frozen!

To summarise

If there is one thing I would say to all of you bikers out there, make time to visit this beautiful place and take in the surrounding scenery, sometimes it is more about the view than the roads.

Although that said I don't think hubby would agree as he always says it's about the riding, the hairpins, the bends and the fabulous roads that there are to be found abroad.

Riano in the Picos de Europa has got my full attention and I will be going back, one day very soon!

And finally....

Be safe!


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