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Bike of the Year 2014

Updated on December 16, 2014
Classic 500 cc
Classic 500 cc

Bike of the Year

There are many bikes in the world. Some of them are identified by its price some of them by its colors and designs and some by its sound.

I also like to drive the bike as I am having two bikes at my home. My both bikes were owned by my elder brother. One is of Hero Honda and the another one is Royal En-field classic 350.

Royal en-field classic Desert storm
Royal en-field classic Desert storm
Classic 350 cc
Classic 350 cc
Old model of En-field
Old model of En-field
Now also available in Disc Brakes
Now also available in Disc Brakes

History of En field bike:-

Royal En filed was founded in 1893 by the en field manufacturing company ltd. Its headquarter is in England. Since that time it is being running on the road by the peoples and it had modified by the manufacturers. But now you can See the models of en-field that are manufactured are very awesome that can attract any customer and this en field company had manufactured many models till now. At present in 2010 a new model launched by en field. That model is classic 350 or 500 and Thunder bird 500.

Models of En-field that are available in the market:-

  • Continental GT
  • Thunder bird 500
  • Thunder bird 300
  • Classic 350
  • Classic 500
  • Classic Desert
  • Classic Chrome
  • Classic battle Green
  • Bullet Electra 350

My Experience after driving En-field:-

You don't believe that I had drive many bikes like Honda, Yamaha etc. But the comfort and driving experience I felt in these bikes was very less as compared to Royal En field. When I drove this En-field bike for the first time I get amazed. Because the comfort and the thrilling experience that I felt after driving the bike was awesome. Its balance is also very good as it is having a weight of approx 185 kg.

My suggestions to my Friend:-

But from my point of view I think that the most appropriate bike for someone who wants to show his personality then he had to purchase Royal En field. Now whenever any of my friend ask which bike should he buy. I only suggest him that go for En field. Because whenever I drive this bike people looks only toward me, because it creates a loud sound whenever it runs on the road. One thing more I want to tell you that this bike has become 2014's bike of the year .

Thunderbird 500 manufactured in 2010 by Enfield motors.
Thunderbird 500 manufactured in 2010 by Enfield motors.
Army doing stunt on En-field bikes
Army doing stunt on En-field bikes

Quality Of En-field that I like Most:-

  • Its Look
  • Its Design
  • Its color
  • its weight
  • Its sound made like a gun.

Its Mileage:-

Most of the bikes gives a mileage of up-to 60 to 70 km per hour. But you will not get this much mileage in this bike. Although the mileage is very less of 30 to 40 km per hour on road. Pulsar bikes is also having the same mileage of 30 to 40 km per hour, but the experience that you will get in En-field is much more than pulsar or any other bike. So just go for it.

Its Weight:-

This bike is having a weight of 180 to 190 kg which in comparison to other bikes is much more. As it is having a twin spark engine with 350 to 500 cc. This bike is now coming in alloy wheels. Disk breaks is also included in this bike.

My Opinion:-

As I am a resident of Delhi, mostly I had saw only one bike in the hands of the people living in Delhi i.e En field.

By seeing this much much craze of en-field I decided to purchase a bike and I told my elder brother to purchase that and my brother purchased the model classic 350. So if you are planning to take a bike then I suggest to own a En-field and just show what you are and have a thrilling driving experience.

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© 2014 Praveen Pal


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