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Safe Driver Monitor Wireless and Tamper Proof

Updated on March 8, 2011


Driving is a privilege but how do you gauge whether your trust is warranted? If you turn over the car keys you should you expect that your car gets returned to you in as good of condition as it left in? Is it possible – short of following incognito – to know how you vehicle is being treated?

Absolutely there is a way. The Safe Driver Monitor by Lemur monitors and records such activities as speeding (max speed), miles traveled and whether sudden stops happen more often than they normally should. Then it transmits that information to the key fob that can then be studied and discussed with the driver.


The Safe Driver Monitor is unobtrusive. It simply plugs into the OBD-II port that is located underneath the driver-side dash. Data from the Safe Driver Monitor is sent wirelessly to the included key fob whenever and wherever the car is driven.

I know what you are thinking. No, the data recorded on the key fob cannot be altered. Yes, the driver can try but as soon as they make the attempt the word TAMPER will display on the key fob. Unplugging the Safe Driver Monitor, removal of the battery or punching in the wrong code will trigger the TAMPER warning. Resetting the device requires a PIN – which of course only you have.


Punishment should not be the reason to use the Safe Driver Monitor. Teaching is a better way to think about it. Whether the driver is a teenager, a friend or a sibling they should respect your rules of the road. Disputing the data is pointless – it is right there in plain sight. Discussing the results could be pretty interesting - hopefully in a non-confrontational way.

Why would the information captured by the Safe Driver Monitor be important? The results will indicate whether the driver has been attentive. Were there times that the driver followed the car in front too close? Did they brake too hard too often? Was their speed consistent? Once the driver realizes that bad habits such as texting and driving will cause the Safe Driver Monitor to record their erratic movements – they may think twice before doing it again.  


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