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Chemically Advanced Fuel System Cleaners

Updated on March 7, 2015

Chemically Advanced Fuel System Cleaner


We Clean Automotive Fuel Systems to Improve Fuel Flow

Every time you press down the gas pedal in your automobile, you control how much fuel and oxygen the engine receives, and you EXPECT to get a corresponding increase in power. But over time, carbon deposits can form in critical areas inside the fuel system, resulting in reduced fuel economy, loss of power and other negative issues.

Periodic fuel system cleaning can help to maintain optimal engine performance.

There's advanced chemistry automotive engine cleaning products available to consumers that are not manufactured by major oil companies, or automakers, and as such they struggle for market share in a big box dominated auto parts aftermarket retail world . I dedicate this lens to these obscure cleaning products that are more advanced fuel system cleaners than Esso and Valvoline.

The five chemical products featured here are Redex, which is included because of its unique chemical formulation with full knowledge that its mostly for diesel engines. Bluechem - Canada's Fuel System Cleaner, Lucas Fuel System Cleaner, Supreme Gas Line Cleaner, and SeaFoam Marine Fuel System Cleaner.

These products are each composed differently but share the same name: Fuel System Cleaner. Some remove water from the gas tank and gas line (SeaFoam) and some don't promise that extra benefit. Some of these products clean fuel injectors only and some never mention direct injection. All five of the advanced chemistry products featured here promise reduced tail pipe emissions.

Redex fuel system cleaner being added to gas

Redex added to gas tank
Redex added to gas tank | Source

Redex Diesel Advanced Fuel System Cleaner

Redex Diesel Advanced Fuel System Cleaner has a concentrated formula which has been specially developed to keep injectors clean and to provide needed lubrication for low sulphur fuels. This is an intensive clean for fuel injectors, to increase fuel economy and boost performance. More information about Redex on the Fuel Injector Specialists website - Redex Diesel Advanced Fuel System Cleaner Extra Info.

Redex literature expounds the evils of heat soak as the reason for clogged orifices and filters, bad spray patterns, low fuel flow, and inadequate penetration. Heat soak is when you drive the car, shut it off, then the little bit of fuel left at the tip of the injector evaporates (almost, that is, leaving behind various chemical compounds), and the process repeats itself over and over for thousands and thousands of miles. A good example of the end result of heat soak is to look at the baked-on crud on the inside of an oven which hasn't been cleaned in a while.

Redex promises to remove heat soak residue and increase fuel economy, restore power and acceleration. Like all five other products they promise to reduce emissions and protect from corrosion.

Bluechem Fuel System Cleaner

Bluechem Fuel System Cleaner
Bluechem Fuel System Cleaner | Source

Testing Advanced Fuel System Cleaner

Adding fuel system cleaner to gas.
Adding fuel system cleaner to gas. | Source

Bluechem - Canada Fuel System Cleaner

Most of these products share the same name because they are named for what they do - 'fuel system cleaner', but all of them are different. Bluechem fuel system cleaner was developed in Germany and has just come to North America. It has no retail sales outlets yet, so it can only be ordered in car dealerships as part of vehicle maintenance programs.

Every 300ml bottle comes with a tiny red plastic funnel spout. With this in mind you might believe this handy Fuel System Cleaner dispenser is specially designed for home enthusiasts' DIY applications, yet ironically you can only find this product in car dealerships today. Its not available in stores yet.

This Bluechem product also removes carbon, gum, varnish, and other operationally caused contamination from the entire fuel system. It provides clean and powerful combustion reducing emissions. It binds water and moisture in the fuel system creating a stable combustible emulsion.. It lubricates and protects the entire fuel system. It wont harm senors opr impair the functionality of fuel filters.

The result is more power to the automobile, reduced emissions, and improved gas mileage.

Instructions for use:
Use on every service and oil change.
Add to the fuel system.
300 ml (1 can) treats up to 80 litres (21 gallons) of gasoline.

Bluechem-Canada Ryan Wilford - Fuel System Cleaner

Bluechem Canada, Fuel System Cleaner
Bluechem Canada, Fuel System Cleaner | Source

Bluechem - Canada, Fuel System Cleaner

Technologically Advanced Direct Injection Engines Need Scientifically Advanced Cleaning

Direct injection fuel delivery systems are among the latest design innovations improving the internal combustion engine. Over the last decade a vast majority of automakers have adopted the trend because of how injectors maximize engine performance, reduce fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.

Direct injection delivers fuel directly into the combustion chamber at a very high pressure, low volume and very short duration. This enables the engine to make significantly more power with reduced fuel consumption and less carbon emissions.

But a major downside is that direct injection engines are prone to carbon accumulation on the injectors that can significantly impact performance and fuel economy and nobody ever tells you that. That story is only starting to come out now..

The January 1015 AutoGuide has a story, Is Carbon a Problem with Direct Injection Engines? in which the author Gregg Cole writes, “We’ve heard rumblings that blackened buildup on the backsides of intake valves is a major problem and something that could be disastrous for motorists in the coming years.” And it’s clear in the next paragraph under the header ‘Survey says’ that he wants to pinpoint and call out the dirtiest direct injection motors and car models, but doesn’t, presumably because he cannot damage his magazine’s relationships with these automakers.

The article ends with insights into the PCM calibration process, or what we laymen might call the engine-control computer. This is a very interesting place in automotive engine science, because it’s a fact that simply updating the software on the chip that regulates the fuel to oxygen mixtures could yield dramatic results in performance. But no computer software is going to clean your car’s engine.

Lucas Fuel System Cleaners

Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner Demo
Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner Demo | Source

Lucas Fuel System Cleaner

Lucas Fuel System Cleaner is among the most respected brands for scientific testing and development. Its also among the best selling fuel system cleaning additives in the North American market today. This product was designed for both diesel and gasoline engines, so no more worry about the compatibility.

Modern vehicles now utilize a gasoline direct injection system which sprays atomized fuel into the combustion chamber to be burned. Phasing out the archaic carburetor, these fuel injector systems are more equipped for modern fuel blends. But even modern automotive systems may need preventive maintenance to counter fuels of low quality.

Garage Professor - Fuel System Cleaner

Supreme Fuel System Cleaner

Mighty VS7 Supreme Fuel System Cleaner is a new advanced synthetic formula that cleans the entire fuel system including fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers and induction systems in one easy step. This formula also improves rust protection of the complete fuel system and contains no alcohol. It's safe for all gasoline engines.

This is advanced science, Supreme Fuel System Cleaner is a synthetic formula that contains Techron Technology * which is Chevron's science but I have included it here as this is an improvement beyond their product, with a boosted detergent package; this is a "get clean" formula. The accumulation of fuel-related deposits over 4,000 to 5,000 miles of driving can cause modern fuel injection system to lose their responsiveness. Driveability problems can include surging, stalling, hesitation, loss of power and a decrease in fuel economy. Mighty VS7 Supreme Fuel System Cleaner removes these deposits quickly and easily.

Seafoam Spray

fuel system cleaner - this is used primarily in marine craft to take water our of gas but it also claims to clean engine fuel systems.
fuel system cleaner - this is used primarily in marine craft to take water our of gas but it also claims to clean engine fuel systems. | Source

Have You Ever Used A Fuel System Cleaner?

Have You Ever Used A Fuel System Cleaner?

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