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How to Save Money with a Scooter

Updated on March 25, 2017
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As scooter rider myself, I believe I am experienced enough to point anyone towards a quality scooter.


Scooters are fun, economical and a great way to get around town. They are already very popular in many countries all over the world and they are also becoming a popular way for Americans to save money and have a little fun while doing it. More and more, it is not uncommon to see scooters riding around in the cities and suburbs all across the U.S.A. People are garaging or even selling their cars to make a scooter their go-to mode of transportation.

The elevated price of a gallon of gas is on of the reasons that Americans are making scooters part of their life.


The smallest of scooters comes with a 50cc (cubic centimeters) engine, making this a gas sipper at around 100mpg (miles per gallon). They will usually have a maximum speed of around 35 to 40mph (miles per hour), a larger driver would get less. This type of scooter is designed purely for around town driving. In most states, you do not need a special license to operate this size of a scooter. You must have a driver's license, a good knowledge of traffic laws, a helmet and also familiarize yourself with how to operate a scooter safely. The rules of the road for a scooter are generally a mix of motorcycle and bicycle laws but refer to your local laws when riding a scooter.

The next size up from a 50cc scooter is usually the 125cc, the 150cc, and the 250cc. Different states have different laws, but generally, these are considered motorcycles and do require a motorcycle license. Sometimes you are also required to take and pass a motorcycle safe driving course. It is always recommended to wear a helmet, some states require it. These scooters can hit speeds of up to around 75mph and depending on your local laws, be ridden on the highway, although the 125c or 150cc is not recommended for highway driving. You may find that you are able to get highway speeds on the two smaller sizes, so that will be up you where you ride.

A common term used to describe a scooter enthusiast is a 'scooterist'.

The first thing any scooterist will tell you is that scooters are an absolute blast to ride. The wind in your hair, the open road and bugs in your teeth all make for a really fun time. Weather permitting, the scooter can take you from A to B in a fun and economical way. If you are using the scooter to run errands, it is suggested to have some accessories to make that possible. Some scooters can be fitted with 'trunk'. A luggage carrier type box that can be installed on the back of the scooter. They come in different sizes and can be used to transport a few groceries if needed.

Scooter with a trunk
Scooter with a trunk | Source

What size scooter are you driving or interested in buying?

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As with any vehicle, safety comes first. Always know your local laws and follow traffic laws. Also, making sure you have the correct gear for any situation that might arise. Of course, the helmet, you should always use one certified by the DOT(Department of Transportation. Proper eye protection is also highly recommended to keep road debris or bugs from getting in your eyes causing your vision to be compromised. Other very important protective items to wear are the jacket, pants, gloves and boots. All of these items are suggested to be worn every time you ride your scooter by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Another good idea is having proper rain gear ready to go at a moments notice, you can store it in the scooter trunk you bought!

Scooter Safety- Always Obey the Laws


Scooters are fun, economical and an awesome way to travel around your town or city. The scooter generation is upon us, not only can we save money, but it is great for the environment and can reduce traffic. Spread the word, the scooter might possibly be the way we all get around in the future.

So, the next time you are in your car and you see a scooter driving down the road, always give the driver a larger cushion of space that you would normally give a car, give a little nod and a smile. You now know for a fact that guy or girl on the scooter is having a good time riding around and getting a lot better gas mileage than you in your car.


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