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Secrets of auto collectors

Updated on December 9, 2015

Car Value

For those of you that seek prices of cars based on Kelly or some other blue book this article is not for you. Value of anything you have depends on what cost it will take to replace that item apple to apple. In year 2001 American automobiles began reducing the weight of cars and began adding air bags to compensate for the metal loss. During this time the two door full size coupe became extinct. Coupes were offered with backseats that only the smallest child could use along with reduced engine size. Today try to find a full size coupe that can sit three full grown adults. The Buick Riviera for 1999 is perhaps the last sport full size coupe built in America.

1999 Buick Riviera

November 1998 the last Buick Riviera for 1999 came off the assembly line, a total of 1,987 were built for 99 the last 200 were Silver Arrow. Since 1995 when the Riviera was re introduced I began driving this marvelous car and have done so since trading in each year until my last car a Red 1999. For over 5 years my search for 1999 Rivieras has found less than 30 searching the internet and all the Riviera owners clubs, to fudge a little I tell people that there are less than 50 in the world. Don't believe me try to find one. Try to find a full size coupe with a V6 super charged 3.8L engine. The 3800 Series ll engine rated one of the top 10 engines ever built.

Largest Collection of 1999 Rivieras in the World


Value that will appreciate

Know someone in need of a GREAT car that will appreciate with time? That person needs to contact me. Once this car becomes more known ( only built for three years ) it will most certainly become one of those sought after cars at Auctions. Selling not giving them away.

207,000 miles better than new


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