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Don't Ever BUY a Used Car Unless You Read This!

Updated on December 2, 2012

The economy is not going to be any good at least for the coming few years. The figure of unemployment has been increasing gradually and fuel prices are speculated to be sky high any moment now. In fact it hasn't been any better. Chances that if you're in the market for a car, you might be considering getting a used car instead of the new. It can't really to justify buying a new car in the current slowdown.

By the way, the auto industry is in the process of developing of better car model; hybrids, electric and using alternative energy. It all seems to us that it is a bit risky for getting a new fuel car. We never know that they might be in the market two or three years from now and which with a better price tag.

Perhaps getting a used car will be the better temporary solution. However, there's a risk in buying a used car, especially if you're not mechanically savvy and know almost nothing about the car. Here I've compiled a list of seven best tips for buying a used car in today's market.

Seven Useful Tips For Buying A Used Car

1. Search and buy from a private party before going to the car dealerships. Though this might take you a bit longer but in the end, it is perhaps the most important thing that you do. Used car salesmen are very good at twisting the fact and lead you to believing in that you are indeed getting the best deal. Cars in poor mechanical conditions are often well-polished so that you won't know what the real thing that you are getting. Moreover, warranties are often quite limited and the car will start giving you problem as soon as the warranties mature. Search for the classifieds such as Craiglists and Motor Trader for the make and model that you prefer and soon you will definitely find it. All you need is patience.

2. Do some researches online at consumer ratings type sites and forums to find out if your choice of used car is reliable with no major mechanical problems such as main engine failures, brake system and etc. Certain brands of cars face lots of problem after years or running.

3. In case if you need financing assistance for the vehicle, check with your bank first to see how new your used car must be to qualify. Most banks won't accept a nine year old car because that's too risky for them.

Looking for Used Car
Looking for Used Car
Couple looking for used car
Couple looking for used car

4. This tip might seem to be a no-brainer when buying a used car but many people often get locked into a particular car's appearance at the expense of fuel economy. If the fuel does not go beyond the four dollars marks, a cart that gets 20 miles to the gallon will cost you about $300 less per year than a model that gets 18 miles to the gallon, based on the average mileage of 12,000 per year.

5. It's crucial also to check with your insurance rates. In case is you haven't known, a white or silver 4-door may have a significant lower rate compares to the red 2-door; even though they are otherwise identical.

6. Here's a great tips that you must not forget. When you call to enquire about the car, request the owner or the car dealer (should you choose the car dealership) up front if they have any maintenance records and if you are permitted to bring a mechanic along to check out the car. Asking these questions surely will save you a lot of time. For example, if the seller doesn't keep a maintenance records, chances that you are at a better position in negotiating the price. On the other hand, if he or she can provide you with everything that you request, chances are the car has been well maintained. As for the mechanical checkout, if they hesitantly or refuse, find another one. These are signs that the car is in poor condition.

7. Every used car despite the age will sure have some minor dings and scratches here and there else the owner must be a great driver. Evidence of major body work and obvious new painting are another story as the car might have involved in an accident. If that's the case, you must inspect the engine and bonnet space to see if there are any bent frames. If the car has a high mileage and a new engine, it is highly advisable that a thorough inspection to be done by your mechanic. There may be any problem, or it might be in need of a new transmission sooner than you expected.

Plenty of used car for sale
Plenty of used car for sale

Bonus tip: If there's nothing wrong with the car, try looking around to see if there's any thing that you can complain about and negotiate for a better deal. For example, worn out tires and very obvious but not deep scratches. Use these points to get a lower price. Mostly, the seller will agree if your asking is not too much.

Knowing these tips when buying a used car will save you money and time. Besides, you will be getting a car that won't be giving you a lot of problem.And lastly, I hope that this fast tips can help you to get a perfect used car. Thanks for reading.


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