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Should You Buy a Scion TC?

Updated on January 18, 2020
Valentino Ordonez profile image

2013 Scion TC owner and tuner - Former motor transportation NCO in the USMC

More Than a Youth Brand

In a word, YES. Scion's give the buyers's like myself an opportunity to buy much more than a car. As a Scion advocate, it is no wonder why I chose a Scion TC as my car. The Scion TC was the best selling car of the Scion brand since its birth. With the Scion XB launching the youth oriented automobile company, the Scion company start with a immerse desire. When Toyota decided they needed to target a younger audience that could be simply more than a flashy exterior, they created Scion. Scion gave Toyota the versatility that it needed with an all in one package to their core demographic. All Scion's were sold as a all inclusive type concept, with a price point thousands below the typical MSRP of competitors, and the reliability of a Toyota built engine, Toyota had a strong case to make with its Scions.

It's a CULTure

When establishing a company, a viable market must be a apparent even when not visible. As a family safe brand, Toyota on its own could not establish itself as the brand image for its desired for its younger buyers. Scion found precisely what Toyota was looking for. However, what really made Scion cars get momentum starting off, was its ability to create a market as youth brand. At the time, Scion took advantage of a already popular tuner culture that was growing every year. Every Scion that was sold, was given as a empty canvas for the buyer to create their own image. The utilization of customizable option became endless for Scion owners. This allowed for "artist" to show off their cars of their own impression therefore, creating more on ongoing desire. Over time, this cult like obsession gave way to major tuners in once underground industry, like Young Tea, Walter Franco, Josh Croll.

Made in Japan

Value can be one of the most important factors when purchasing a car. The resell of Scion's are next to if not better than those of Toyota's. This can be largely attributed to their origin of birth in Japan. Even though America does have an increasingly efficient production value of automobiles built in America, Japan has been largely superior in terms of quality control and dependability. The production workforce and location generally doesn't concern those of Scion's target market. Even though the cost of labor is relatively similar to the cost of labor to that of the United States, production in Japan allows Scion to keep its operational cost low with a controlled market within its own domain.

More Than a Youth Brand

Scion is not simply for the young, but rather the young at heart. Even though many Scion owners are first time car buyers, almost half of all Scion sales are those of young adults. The automobile company targets those who are looking for are looking for a modern sleek looking car, with a above average great value. With sales falling as much as 68% from its high point of 173,034 units in 2006, the company eventually disbanded. But through all of its tribulation the brand will forever be remember as more than just a youth branded automobile company. Scion gave culture, identity, and freedom through its product. There might be other companies who try to emulate what Scion create however, there will only ever be one Scion car company.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jordan Ordonez


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