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Silly Yuppie, Trailers Are For Boats

Updated on April 8, 2012

So, you bought a brand new shiny bike and you don't want to get it dirty. You've decided that taking it to the rally by trailer, should protect it. Get real, $30,000 and 30 miles don't make you a biker! The whole idea of a Rally is not just to show off your leathers and your pretty bike, it's about the other riders going with you, the adventure and the experiences. Okay, maybe your a builder, maybe a vendor or maybe you can no longer ride. You are one of the few that actually has a legitimate reason, otherwise buck up, spray on some "Old Fart Spray" and "Red Neck Repellent" and use that freaking bike. Get with the program, it's all about the freedom and the call of the road.

Bikers only need trailers for one of two things. The first is to haul a bike that's broke. The second is the one you pull BEHIND you. When you haul the bike, you miss the greatest part of the trip, the camaraderie, the fun, THE RIDE! If you trailered it there, then started your ride 5 miles from the rally; you're just like the jogger that gets a ride to the finish line, sprays himself with water and wins. Face it; you're a fake, a ruse, a poser, a biker wannabe.

So, what other excuse do you have to put that beautiful machine on a trailer? Maybe you don't want to ride there because of the weather or maybe your butt will get sore. Well, boo-hoo, what are you a big wuss? You're supposed to get sore, you're suppose to get wet, you're suppose to get dirty; you're a biker! You didn't become a biker to be safe. You became a biker to work through that rebellious devil-may-care attitude you've had since your youth. You started biking to scratch that itch for the freedom of the open road with the wind in your face and bugs in your teeth. When did you become so civilized? Bikers don't care about this crap. They love a good challenge. A hail storm is only an invitation to find an out of the way bar and party for the rest of the night.

There's a whole world of drag-behind trailers. They can look like coffins or cars. They can provide a little extra packing space or a rustic home away from home. They can even haul Rover to the rally, after all, what self respecting biker wouldn't want their dog with them?

So, if you're heading to a rally and don't have one of the above excuses, use the trailer that goes BEHIND your bike, not under it. You might just find an "Easy Rider" lurking beneath the surface. The biggest part of the rally, is still, the rally, so get there any way you want. But for those stalwart riders, half the fun of the rally, is getting there!

Have fun & be safe, The Time Rider


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