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Simple Steps to Help Improve Your Gas Mileage

Updated on July 19, 2011

Gas mileage is very important for many people even to the point that many people have traded in their older vehicles to get one that gets better gas mileage. For some people this can be a very simple task to do, but for others that are on a tight budget with a car already paid in full picking up a car payment might be to expensive for them to be able to afford paying a car payment and they are stuck with some of the older gas consumers. For those that are going to have keep the older gas consuming car here are some tips that can help you increase your gas mileage.

The first great tip that can help you improve your gas mileage is one that you have probably seen even mentioned on your local news channels last year when the cost of gasoline was close to five dollars a gallon near where I live. That tip to help you get the best gas mileage possible is to ensure that your tires are inflated properly. Now the question is how often should I check the pressure in my tires. Well for my own vehicle I usually check the tire pressure every other week which is how often I have to fill up. So you can do that or at a minimum I would recommend checking the pressure once a month.

The second tip that comes in very handy in improving your gas mileage is to have gradual take offs and to make use of your vehicles ability to coast. This might seem kind of odd, but if when you are taking off from stop signs or red lights if you start off slowly your gas mileage will improve because your RPM will be a little bit lower than what you are normally using. Then when you are starting to come up to a stop sign or a red light then you will want to gradually just take your foot off of the accelerator rather than waiting until you reach the point that you need to stop at and then slamming on the brake. Not only will you save gas mileage because if it is a red light and turns green you will not have to over come the initial resistance, but you will also be saving your brakes as well.

While many people are always looking for ways to improve their gas mileage I know that the two tips that I have gave helped me dramatically improve the gas mileage on my truck. I know that according to what I have seen on my old truck it was only supposed to get fourteen miles per gallon in the city and seventeen on the highway, but by following the tips that I gave I was able to get my gas mileage up to close to twenty in the city alone!

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    • Isabellas profile image

      Isabellas 8 years ago from Ohio

      Yes, I agree they are useful tips and I didn't realize the tires either, but after making sure mine were inflated properly my gas mileage improved.

    • advoco profile image

      advoco 8 years ago from cadiz

      Useful tips. I didn't know about the first one not being a car type person but I'm gonna be checking the tyres tomorrow!