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Stages Of Alcohol Breath-Breathalyzer-Drunk Driver-Drunk Driver Lawyer

Updated on March 8, 2011

Driving under the influence laws, DUI lawyers, DWI attorney, laws for DUI. Drunk driver arrests and blood alcohol levels.

Drunk driving fines, court fees, license suspension and revocation. These are all some the consequences one will encounter for driving behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol.

If you are picked up for driving under the influence of alcohol you will no doubt require a drunk driving lawyer.

The laws on DUI are becoming very strict for violators who choose to drive under the influence. Some states like New York have put into place another money generating device for the state called a in vehicle breathalyzer or ignition interlock system.

First time offenders will be demanded to have one of these devices installed into their car or truck for a minimum of 6 months.

Provided no violations of attempting to drive the vehicle after consuming alcohol and upon completion of alcohol recovery classes this device may be removed.

Repeat offenders face more stringent laws like jail time, prison time or alternative to incarceration better known as DWI court.

Stages of Alcohol Breath

BAC stands for blood alcohol content. It is the level or amount of alcohol level in the blood system. When a person consumes alcohol the BAC rises.

As the BAC level rises visible signs of the persons behavior and ability to function at a normal level are observed. There are 6 levels of intoxication none of which a motor vehicle should be driven at.

6 Stages of Alcohol Breath

  1. Euphoria - BAC .10 the person has trouble paying attention is more confident and daring. Has a lack of good judgement and acts on impulse. 
  2. Excitement - BAC .20 reaction time is greatly reduced and the person may become sleepy. Short term memory is impaired and may have trouble keeping balance or walking. Blurry vision.
  3. Confusion - BAC .30 the person has trouble knowing where they are, blurry vision very sleepy or violent with lack of feelings of pain.
  4. Stupor - BAC .40 person has trouble moving and may be vomiting. Unable to walk or stand and may become unconscious. 
  5. Coma - BAC .50 Person is unconscious, low pulse slow, temperature is low and shallow breathing death may occur.
  6. Death - BAC more than .50  No Breathing and the person dies

Drunk Driver

If you are drinking alcohol chances are you are to drunk to drive. So if you drink don't drive.

If unsure about someone condition to drive then there are breathalyzer devices made available to the public to monitor someones alcohol breath.

Drunk Driver Lawyer

Someone who is accused of drunk driving will ultimately need a good DWI lawyer or DUI attorney if they want to receive fair treatment in the court system.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE ITS THE LAW ~~~~~~~~~~~~


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