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Sticky Mat: A New Accessory for Your Dashboard

Updated on December 2, 2016

Have you ever experienced looking for your cell phone, keys, sunglasses, coins or any other things you need while driving? Frustrating isn’t it?

Now, you don’t have to. You can now keep your things in your car organized with this sticky mat or dashboard mat. Sticky pads or dashboard mats are designed to prevent your things from slipping and sliding. This is the perfect accessory for your dashboard to keep your mobile phone, mp3 players, keys, and even sunglasses in place.

How to use the sticky mat?

Just place the sticky mat on an unpainted dashboard to keep your coins, keys, sunglasses, MP3 player, cell phone, and more safe while you drive. This sticky dashboard mat is designed for easy access. You can position it side-by-side on your dashboard to make room for more things you need to keep handy while driving. Basically, you can put it anywhere you want inside your car.

Sticky mats can be a stylish dashboard accessory. Thus, you can give this as a present this holiday season especially for those who are looking for something unique, stylish, and flashy.

Love your dashboard!
Love your dashboard!

How to choose a sticky mat?


Always look for a sticky mat that has a quality adhesive. Some sticky mats promises quality but most do not stick as they are supposed to, or they lose stickiness after a few weeks, and many of them melt in the summer, leaving ugly stains. Some mats curl up on the edges and lose its adhesiveness.

Losing the adhesiveness after few uses means you need to buy a new one unless you want your things scattered inside your car. Buying a new one means wasting your hard-earned money when you could have saved the first time. The saying quality costs a little extra is still true.

Heat or Temperature Resistant

As mentioned above, some sticky mats melt in high temperature leaving stains and residues in your car. This means another round of cleaning to get that stain out of your dashboard. The main problem with some sticky pads is that they are produced with cheaper materials and in a poor quality which also means they are harmful and toxic.

You can put other important things on your dashboard with a sticky mat.
You can put other important things on your dashboard with a sticky mat.

This sticky mat from UniqeX is made from the latest Polyurethane (PU) Gel technology. It is 100% sticky and non-slip. It has also passed the Restriction, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH), Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) test and it is, environment-friendly. It can be used under the sun and can stand 5˚F to 20˚F. Gift wrapping is also available for this item so you can send it to someone as a gift. Click on our link below to read more about the product.

General use

Choose a sticky mat that can also be used not only in your car but also in your bathroom, kitchen, or office. This means choose a mat that can be easily removed and can cling to any surface. You can save a lot by reusing and recycling this mats so if you find one with this feature, buy one. Soft washable mats are also a plus to save time and money. Stretchable mats are also great. Instead of buying two mats, you can just stretch your stretchable sticky mat to accommodate all the things you need to beside you.


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