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Subaru Coolant Antifreeze Leak 2.2 2.5 Legacy Forester Outback Head Gasket

Updated on August 7, 2011


Don't lose your head.

These days everyone with a Subaru has either done a head gasket job due to an external leak or internal coolant loss or is waiting to do this job. The poor design of the head leaves only a small area for the gasket to seal next to the coolant passage. Experimenting with head gasket designs and materials didn't help matters any.

If you see an oily film forming in your coolant recovery bottle then you already have a head problem. If you have a coolant leak in the left rear of the engine that's drips off the power steering rack then you have the famous head gasket leak.

Some times you will even get an external oil leak on the newer engines from a head gasket failure.

One thing you can do to slow down coolant loss is to add a can of alumaseal to the radiator coolant. This silver powder will slow down any head gasket leak without clogging up your radiator or heater core.

We have had excellent results with this product. The sell it on Amazon or eBay or some auto parts stores sell it. Don't substitute for another product, make sure it says alumaseal and its the silver powdered form like the picture at the head of this article.

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