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Symptoms of a Dead Car Battery

Updated on July 2, 2018

Here's an example of what a dead battery symptom looks like. Lights all illuminate, but the car fails to even crank. Jump starting the car will allow the battery to crank, but because the battery is old and can no longer maintain the charge, a new battery is needed.

Does you engine crank slower than usual OR doesn't start at all?
Upon starting the car, does it seem longer than usual to start up? If so, this could be a sign. If the battery is completely dead, it won't even start the car. To start it, you'll need to jump it with another vehicle, put your vehicle on a charger, or get it towed to where you need to go.

Is your battery older than 3 years?
If so, it could be time to change that battery of yours! No matter how long of a battery life the manufacturer or brand claims the life will be, don't listen to it. As a rule of thumb, it's always best to change and swap your car battery every 3 years. Be sure to have your battery inspected every year so you won't be stranded. I've found that I've never been stranded using this method of replacing my battery every 3 years. And the only time I've been stranded was when I neglected to observe the signs that my battery was weakening and that my battery was defective.

Accessories like the headlights & radio won't turn on
If your battery is really depleted and completely dead, the headlights won't even turn on. If you try to turn on the radio, that won't even turn on. Also, if your interior dome lights are off, then that's a really good indication that the battery is depleted.

Starter motor is heard, but engine doesn't crank over
If the motor sounds like it's cranking very slowly or stops, the battery is probably dead or draining.

Can batteries drain by themselves?
Absolutely! Your battery can drain itself over a period of time that your car is siting. Be sure you don't leave on any lights, have a charger that is set to the constant power that sucks the battery by sitting. You could have faulty wiring if you have added components (amplifier wiring for car audio, etc.). There could be a parasitic drain that causes the battery to not start in the morning, but later during the day, it will start, though sporadically.

What other factors affect battery life?
Short trips less than 20-minutes: If your commute or routine errands are less than 20-minutes, the battery doesn't have enough time to fully recharge, which shortens it's life expectancy.

Extreme temperatures: extreme hot and extreme cold climates are bad news for batteries. They each shorten battery life.

How to prolong the life of your battery

CTEK is one of the best products for maintaining and charging your battery. If you want to maintain the life and health of your 12-volt car battery, this is the product to get. If you're looking to store your car for a longer period of time without driving, this product will help keep your battery charged and maintained. No more having to jump start your car or looking for a quick battery charger when you need to use your vehicle.

I routinely plug in my CTEK battery charger/maintainer to prolong the life of my battery and so I know that there's an adequate charge.

Have you ever been stranded because of a dead battery?

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