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Tata Nano Specifications with photo gallery

Updated on January 25, 2010
Tata Nano
Tata Nano

Tata nano has a two cylinder 623 cc, 33 horsepower rear mounted multi-point fuel injection petrol engine.This is the first time a 2-cylinder gasoline engine was used in a car with single balancer shaft. The Tata Nano is 3.1 meters in length, 1.6 meters in height, and 1.5 meters in width with a wheelbase of 2230 mm and ground clearance of 180 mm. 2010 Tata Nano can comfortably seat 4 people with spacious leg space and head room. Hope Tato Nano's  specifications and the great set of features give the biggest bang for your buck.


2010 Tata Nano Specifications and features:


Plenty of great features including crumple zones, tubeless tyres, seat belts, all steel metal body, intrusion resistant doors, fuel cut off in case of collision, strong seats and anchorages. Tata nano runs from 0 to 60 kph, hitting a top speed of 105kph. It offers a high fuel effiency of 20 km per liter.

Deluxe Tata Nano Special Features:

Deluxe tata nano has some great features including air conditioning / heater, speedometer, odometer, body colored bumpers, reclining adjustable seat and folding rear seats. It comes in various colors such as ivory white, champagne gold, lunar silver, bright red and summer blue.

Luxury Tata Nano Special Features:

Luxury tata nano has alloy wheels, 3 spoke steering wheel, front and rear fog lamps, air conditioning / heater, body colored bumpers, front power windows and central locking.

The great thing about Tata Nano is the price point at which the car can be bought. The price is $2,500 (equivalent to just Rs. 1 lakh) makes it a wonderful buy for the economical consumer.

Tata Nano Photo Gallery

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Tata nano
Tata nano
Tata nano

Tata Nano Pictures


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    • profile image

      Sijo shaji 6 years ago

      More specious,more power full and a marvelous dezine

    • nikitha p profile image

      nikitha p 7 years ago from India

      great hub I like it

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 8 years ago from London, UK

      Great looking car and an unbelievable price. Thank you for the info.