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The Advantages of an Electric Bicycle

Updated on July 26, 2013

If you think that you are not fit enough to enjoy cycling then you may not be quite true; you need to think about an electric bicycle. Yes, an electric bicycle or an ebike can enjoy cycling at low cost and in an environmentally friendly manner.

But if an ebike has so many advantages then why it had been ignored for such a long period of time? The probable answer is battery life. No doubt, the electric bicycle was a great innovation, but the lack of battery life adversely affected the future of the ebike. However, the advent of lithium ion batteries together with the increased awareness of green transportation technologies have given a new lease of life to the electric bicycle.

i actually have the model shown. It makes it so much easier to bike to work (just over six miles) and I don't need a shower when I get there!

How Do They Work?

The design of an ebike is pretty simple but quite revolutionary at the same time. It uses a rechargeable battery powered motor to turn the wheels. In most of these bicycles, there are usually two modes of controlling the bike: either you can use the battery power to operate the bike, or you can use the pedals to manually power your ebike. The latter part is commonly known as the pedal assisted cycling. You can attain a speed of around 15 to 20 mph or more with your ebike.

An eco-friendly way to travel

It’s high time that we realize our responsibilities towards the environment. The use of an electric bicycle as your main mode of transportation within the city can prove to be a big step in this direction. Since ebike doesn’t use any fossil fuel for its operation and electricity is a clean fuel, it doesn’t affect our environment in a negative way.

Electric bicycles offers a cheaper way to travel

As electricity is much cheaper than petroleum, the running cost of an ebike is much lesser than the traditional fuel powered vehicles. Though you combine all the expenses such as recharging costs of batteries and maintenance, the electric bikes still turn out to be a much cheaper option.

Enjoy cycling without straining yourself

There is something blissful and soothing about cycling that no other mode of transportation can provide you. However, cycling has always been viewed as something available for only the physically fit individuals; but not anymore. With the advent of electric bicycle, you can enjoy cycling and travel the whole city without putting strain of any kind on your body.

Sail up hills!

Travelling uphill with your traditional bicycle can be one of the most excruciating tasks and you can’t avoid the need to take a shower afterwards. An electric bicycle can save you from all the troubles that come with travelling in the hilly areas.

No Fomalities Required

The electric bicycles are not subjected to any special taxes and laws as they are classified under traditional bicycles. So you won’t have to worry about completing any type of legal documents before enjoying your ride on your favourite ebike.

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