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The Car Repair Shop Scam!

Updated on December 6, 2013

We can share some MANY repair shop scams and save you some headaches. The Auto Industry is not the same anymore. Money is needed left and right to match the expenses. The Mechanic around the corner has to "fix" your car and no matter what, he will tell you something like, "If you want to change the air filter it will be quick, you save gas mileage and is only $ 9.99."

If you went to this 'mechanic' that you found by chance and not as a referral, then be careful. He will try to get the most green cash from you!!


Your Oil is due every three months or 3000 miles, which ever comes first:

Yeah right! This is the first scam of the list. Cars are good for another 2000 miles, unless you have a 1978 Ford Pinto. Is like they are telling you, 'your flashlight doesn't work anymore," you would know better by saying: excuse me? I thrown out the batteries yesterday!

Yeah Ma'am! Your radiator is leaking and... needs to be changed!

Is weird that after you went for an Oil change, you kept coming back for something else. What happened? If you see the sign at the Shop it would read like this, "Insurance regulations prohibit the Customer from being next to his/her car being whacked" If you notice, most have coffee and donuts for 'free', while your car is being 'inspected.' What did he do this time? in just 3 nanoseconds he inserted this wonderful screwdriver on a corner of your radiator, so it would leak slowly and, as expected, after 2 days your "H" gauge will blink its 'Danger, William Robinson'

Your car breaks down on the Highway

State troopers will call the Towing truck in turn. You think they care about who you choose? Nope. Your car broke down this time. What could've happened? This cunning Mechanic did this on your last check up; he just happened to have time, while you drank your free coffee, to loosen up your Battery terminals, just to make sure that when you run over this well designed pothole by the Brotherhood Union of Highway Workers, you lose all the power from your car. You don't have any idea what happened, you think the worst. When you get to the Mecanic, again??? He will invent the tale of the day..."Okay ma'am, seems that your water pump just broke... is the wear and tear issue, you know?" Mother trucker!! No wonder they always clean their hands with a rag every time they close this extra 400 dollars deal!


These modern robbers, like their great grandparents, usually prey on travellers close to their shops. The night before they set these beautiful nails on the road, designed to stay just straight up. If you missed the puncture, the next one will get it. Or easier then, "Why don't spread some deer skull under a bridge? THEY need to pay their rent! They will help you out by slashing hoses, break fan belts and... if they have time, loosen up a sparkplug. At times the prices are overinflated, but you need to get back on the road...and they are just saving your life!


If you happen to leave your car for the day. Just be ready, the 233 dollars that they told you it would cost to flush your Transmission fluid and change your brake pads..will be added to any other 'Bull thing' like this "gasket or your tires needed to be changed," or maybe you were due a tune up. Of course, you will say, "really? I will have to come again then...Take care Tony!"


If you go to AutoZone or AA autoparts, you will be offered a choice. High Quality parts or the ones from Taiwan, that might save you those extra 40 dollars needed for your kids.

When you go to a Mechanic, if dishonest, he will order the cheaper parts. You won't see anything, because you are busy drinking that expensive free coffee. Now he will charge you those 80 bucks an hour for labor. he'd make sure you his Certificates and Diplomas right on your face. Most likely you will be back within a month, because these parts are of lower quality and...this mechanic needs to take care of his wife and the other woman, right. You don't want to break his heart, would you?


  • Contact the Better Business Bureau closer to you
  • Collect all evidence and repair estimates, the one before the repair and the overinflated
  • Do not keep it to yourself: tweet, Face Book and report these Mother Truckers.
  • Buy your coffee and your own donuts before making it to them
  • If you have time, check with a friend mechanic about the reasons why your car is already acting up.
  • Just google the question, right Melbel?
  • Buy, if you think is worth it, your own automotive diagnostic computer

This is just a funny one...take your 4 minutes! and listen...


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