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The Beautiful Bay of Fundy Travel Experienced

Updated on March 21, 2016

The Bay of Fundy has a winding trail that runs between the New Brunswick province and that of Nova Scotia. The whole trail consists of absolute ecological wonders with the beautiful waves and the rough cliffs. The Bay boasts the rugged beauty of nature, and people who love the serenity and beauty of a stormy sea will be enjoying this place to its every bit.

The Beautiful Bay of Fundy Travel Experienced

Because of the size of the Bay, the tides created here are at an extreme. The water levels rise to about 48 feet and also fall the same length every day as the seawater crashes against the shore. During the low tides, you can see the boulders that have been carving unusual shapes over the past centuries. These interestingly shaped rocks are known as the Hopewell Rocks. The beach opens up to a beautifully sandy shore that is perfect for the picnics. The local people are always flocking the beaches to catch the lobsters and have them with a bottle of wine. The place is perfect if you are interested in spending the day relaxing.

The Beautiful Bay of Fundy

The best time to visit the beach is the end of July. You can see the sandpipers who come in thousands, come and settle at Mary’s point. If you visit the place in the middle of August, you can see the musicians during the Rising Tide Festival. The best time to visit the bay is between June and September as the weather is very pleasant and makes it best for picnics.

You will have to get a car to travel the whole area of New Brunswick. For cruising along the Atlantic coast, you can either hire a car or hire a driven car. You will get both these at the airport. You can even prefer a guided tour if you want. You can feel the genuine, authentic Fundy experience by staying in accommodations that perfectly celebrate the heritage of the place. You will find a broad range of hotels that offer full service, and there are many country inns to that much decorated. You can get a bed and breakfast hotels as well as the coastal cottages that are just serene.

If you are interested in the cuisine, you will find that the cuisine of the area is mainly seafood. There are scallops, lobsters and mussels that form absolute luxuries when tries to the best of Fundy’s wines. You can have the famous smoked salmon along with many other fresh fish varieties. Other than the harvests of blueberries and maples that are the tradition of Fundy, you will also find many inns and restaurants that promote many vegetables and fruits fresh from the gardens itself. If you are a food enthusiast, you could also try the most popular seaweed snack dulse.

When you visit the bay, you can go hiking on the trails and also try out sea kayak tours that take you along the rugged coastline and the cliffs. When you come to the mouth of the Bay of Fundy, you can see the northern right whale if you are lucky along with other kinds of whales.


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