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The Best Brake Pads for a 3 Series or a 5 Series BMW

Updated on March 27, 2011

BMW Performance Brake Pads

BMW Dust Free Brake Pads That Stop Fast

I've owned a BMW for 6 years now and I've learned to do most of the regular maintenance myself.  Among the regular maintenance required on any car, I've learned to change the brake pads and rotors and did a substantial amount of research regarding which brake pads are the best ones to use.

I prefer not to use the BMW OEM rotors or pads, especially the pads.  The OEM pads on BMW's produce an extraordinary amount of dust and it makes it extremely difficult to keep your wheels clean because of the excess brake dust.  For that reason, I did some research on high performance brake pads that are dust free. 

As I continued researching, I found that Hawk HPS Performance Street Pads work extremely well when it comes to increasing stopping power.  They do not produce brake noise and they are dust free.  Definitely a worthy investment for any BMW driver that is replacing brake pads.  I now use Hawk HPS Performance Street Pads on my E46 BMW M3 and my E46 BMW 330ci. 

The best Prices on Hawk HPS Performance Brake Pads

Amazon seems to have the lowest prices on Hawk brake pads. You can generally save at least 20% off of the retail price which is really helpful. If you go to an auto parts store you'll usually find that you pay much more, and they won't actually carry them in the store. So instead, they will order them for you at full price and you'll have to wait a week for them to arrive. For this reason, I prefer to buy brake pads on Amazon because its simple and its more affordable.

Check out the Amazon Items below to see prices on Hawk Performance Brake Pads


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