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The Best Performance Upgrades For A Subaru WRX or Sti

Updated on December 9, 2016

High Flow Intake Performance Upgrade for WRX and STi

So now you have your very own Subaru WRX or Subaru STi, now you are trying to find the most simple way to increase horsepower in your new car. Well good news, one of the easiest way to make your Subaru WRX or STi produce more horsepower and have a better exhaust sound is to get a high flow intake. Most people are surprised by how much better the exhaust sounds when you put a high flow intake on a Subaru, and the performance gains of course are totally worth it as well.

One of the best Subaru high flow intake's is the ETS Performance Air Intake System. With this exhaust system, you will experience a noticeable increase in performance and sound. This is probably the cheapest performance upgrade you can get for a Subaru WRX and also the easiest WRX upgrade to install. Based on air intake reviews and my own personal experience, trust me this is a WRX performance mod that you won't regret.

Best Air Intake For Subaru WRX

Subaru Cobb Downpipe Sound

Best Downpipe For a WRX and WRX Sti

When it comes to increasing airflow through the engine, increasing horsepower and a better sound for your WRX or STi, the downpipe is the next easiest Subaru performance mod that you can do. The sound will change completely, the horsepower continues to increase and this is also a very simple performance upgrade, and its fairly easy to do, even if your not an experienced mechanic although I do recommend that you get this done by a professional mechanic.

The most recommended downpipes for Subaru WRX and Sti is the Cobb J-pipe. This is also one of the most popular performance mods for Subaru WRX owners and there is a good reason for this. It is around 30% less restrictive than the standard downpipes that comes on the WRX and STi, which is exactly why it really changes the sound and performance of the car.

Subaru WRX Catback Exhaust

Best Catback Exhaust for Subaru WRX and STi

This is also one of the most popular and important performance mods you can do to your Subaru WRX or STi, especially in combination with the high flow air intake and downpipes. When these 3 mods are done in combination, your car will be blowing air through the engine and out of the exhaust with no restriction. We all know what that means right, yes a lot more horsepower, better sound and incredible power gains. It's very noticeable to bystanders when a Subaru has these mods, especially if your racing against a stock car.

These three Subaru performance mods are the cheapest, uncomplicated and most effective types of modifications you can do to your Subaru WRX or STi and they are completely reversible if you decide to go back to stock parts. Also, these types of performance modifications will not effect the reliability of your car since they are all related to increasing airflow. It is also advisable that you get your car tuned or update the ECU on your car if you have any of these mods because it will help the engine adjust to the additional airflow and overall your car will run better.

Tuning or updating the ECU on your Subaru can be easily done with the COBB Accessport, this is the number one type of tuning the computer on your WRX or STi and you can turn it off whenever you want. Completely reversible way to tune your car to get the most horsepower out of your car.


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