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The Coolest Two Wheeled Vehicle: Lit Motors' C-1

Updated on September 15, 2012
The gyros
The gyros

This is the greenest and coolest enclosed two wheeled car\motorcycle ever. Built in San Francisco, south of market, the small Lit Motors is going to changed things.

Their all electric C-1 is a two wheeled, gyroscopic balanced (you cannot tip it over) two person car or motorcycle. It is different from a cycle, in that, it is enclosed like a car. The car is due out in 2014 and cost about $24,000. A bit pricey, they expect the price to drop in a few years to $12,000. The unique gyroscopes, located under the seats, prevent the two-wheeler from tipping over. It is not only expected to top out at over 100 MPH but has an estimated range of up to 200 miles per charge and will go from 0-60 in roughly six seconds. The charge costs around $1-2. Each wheel is powered by a 40 kw motor and is around 115 inches long and 40 inches wide. It weighs between 800-900 lbs.

The car's amenities will include voice command response, such as, "turn the heater on", the system will then activate the heater. It will also have a HUD display that appears on the windshield, much like with Google glasses. The two gyros each put out 266 pound-feet of torque as they spin, keeping the C1 upright no matter the speed or angle, this is amazing to see and hard to believe when it is stopped and still upright!

The future is here, just bring the price WAY down.


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    • 4fathers profile image

      Lolita 5 years ago from The tiniest state in the union.

      We are way past due for such transportation. I told my kids years ago, that a motorcycle could be covered just as this one is. You know, they laughed at me.

      Thanks for sharing, Love it.