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The Fastest Road in America

Updated on September 13, 2012

Zoom, zoom, zoom. In Germany, father to the modern US highway system, a perk from World War Two and Hitler, who wanted them, the average speed is 85 mph. In America, no official highway speed even comes near that, in fact, the highest in a few stretches is 70 mph, more common is 65 mph.

That is about to change as the Texas State Hwy 130 between Austin and San Antonio. Texas will receive $100 million from a private toll road firm for allowing 85 mph on 90 mile stretch of road. This will make it the fastest toll road in the USA. In 2007, Texas agreed to a deal with the company for $100 million to operate the toll road if the State allowed the speed increase. This speed perk is the main reason to pay the toll. If Texas had only agreed to 80 mph, the State's net would only be $67 million. Now get this- along side of the new toll road is the older State highway where drivers are limited to not 65 mph, but 55 mph! There is no choice here. Most will likely pay the few dollar toll to avoid a paltry 55 mph and a speeding ticket costing hundreds.


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    • Kyledude profile image

      Kyledude 5 years ago

      We'll see how long it lasts. The problem is that you'll have 20 Mexicans crammed in a 1980s Dodge Caravan with bald tires, doing 90, and causing a major accident soon. Needless to say, they won't have any insurance either.