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The Ford Focus Electric: Available late 2011

Updated on February 27, 2011
The Mitsubishi I-Miev. What an eyesore!
The Mitsubishi I-Miev. What an eyesore!

Introducing the Ford Focus Electric- It's Not Your Grandmother's Car- Yet

Coming late 2011, as slated by the Ford Motor Company, Ford will release it's first line of electric vehicles. To be dubbed the Ford Focus Electric 2012, the car offers many fascinating perks and features. Nevertheless, the vehicle also comes duly noted with drawbacks.  In competition with the Ford Focus Electric will be the already released Nissan Leaf. While there are a handful of other auto makers that deliver an all electric car, such as the Aptera; Nissan and Ford seem to be the only two comparable electric cars that will battle each other in class, style, technology and hopefully- price.

Thus then must enter excitement. Up until the Nissan Leaf, the only handful of all electric cars available were geared toward high end consumers, or were unappealing to the eye.

Ford has yet to announce the price of its Ford Focus Electric, but if a true duel is to inspire, my guess is that it will not, or at least should not, go over the 33,000.00 price tag of the Nissan Leaf.

The Features and Perks of the Ford Focus Electric

Wowsers. Yes, Wowsers. That is pretty much all my mind could formulate as I reviewed the Ford Motor Company's website. Is it ok to admit that I perhaps drooled a bit as I scoured the listed features of the Ford Focus Electric? This car is all about technology, and obviously- electricity. What we use in today's world seems to be fully incorporated into this brilliant vehicle. Some of the features of the Ford Focus Electric ( which will surely blow your mind) are listed below. See if you can muster up some of that wanting and wishful slobber, as I so did:

  • The car is charged by a 23 KWh Lithium Ion Battery and is fully charged in three hours.
  • Even more interesting is that the recycled heat from the force of braking the car is resent to the battery, to give recycled power to same
  • Top driving speeds of 100 mph
  • zero emissions, thereby saving money on states that do emission testing
  • Four door design with hatch
  • Sleek style
  • Can be charged with a 120 volt household outlet or a 240 volt device
  • Ford has contracted with Best Buy and Geek Squad to bring installation of the 240 volt device in at around $1,499.99; the cheapest known deal to any electrical car available. Also, Ford has implemented a way in which to charge the battery at off peak hours, thereby saving costs on utility bills.
  • A splattering of applications for the vehicle intended to personalize the car, as well as keep you up to date on several different features and needs of the car.
  • Batteries are included. This may not sound to be a perk, but you'd be surprised by how many electric car manufacturers do not include same in their purchase price, or make you least the batteries at 100 to 200 dollars per month
  • The fortunes saved on gas, and the ever increasing gas prices could be put to better means.

This applications available is truly where the Ford Focus Electric has gone beyond themselves in creating this incredible vehicle. My first interest in the car was based on design: it looked stylish and inviting. I was completely flabbergasted and tongue tied; however, at the list of applications and technological features the car has. My pocket book itches for this little gem to be released. Take a gander at the technological advancements Ford has created and is brining forth to customers:

  • MyKey™ Technology. This is an amazing little perk of the Ford Focus Electric. With this technology, you can assign different keys to different drivers of the vehicle which thereby lets you set parental controls, if you will, into the car itself. Each driver's MyKey can be personalized to bring up their on screen displays however they wish; thereby nullifying arguments consisting of "stop changing my radio station", or "don't drive so fast". Yes, you can even lock in a top speed you wish certain drivers to obtain ( or not obtain.) If little Johnny drives the Ford Focus Electric to soccer practice, you can be assured that the car won't let him go over the limit at which you set. To make his commute a bit more safe, you can even set the volume at which you would like the radio to reach. Ah, the money saved on audiology testing and conductive hearing aids is a blessing in disguise. Better yet, Johnny being able to actually hear the rig behind him that cannot stop can indeed be a life saver.
  • Warning applications for when the battery approaches low or needs a quick boost
  • Touch button start. How neat is this? In a hurry? Forget the key. The Ford Focus Electric is equipped with a touch button start and touch button off. The car is implemented with security devices to make sure that potential thieves cannot access this feature.
  • An Hp Radio that uses a tagging system. If you hear a song you like, you can simply tag the song. The song with then be transferred to your IPOD for download at a safe time.
  • Brake Screen. The brake screen shows you how much energy you got by braking. A neat little application for those technologically inquisitive.
  • Onscreen applications that display the mileage to the next charging station.
  • The MyFord ™ Mobile Application. The list of things you can arrange, see and view using this application is enormous. You can eat dinner and estimate the length of time left on charging the battery to full, or if you so prefer. You can gain directions to your next location, check the weather and read other impertinent information regarding your car all while interluding over a meal.

When I viewed the interior and onscreen applications of the Ford Focus ( available in the video to the right), I felt as though I were inside of an enormous IPOD. Did I mention that the panel is OnScreen Touch? Initiating super drool. The array of displays are unique and able to be personalized to fit your needs and wants. What more could you ask for?

Well, You Could Ask For the Drawbacks; and I Shall Deliver

While reviewing this car and viewing as many features, videos and applications as I could, quite a few little drawbacks popped into my head. The Ford Focus Electric hasn't been released yet, which within itself could be a slight drawback. However, the pitfalls, questions and problematic areas I have and will have are of valid concern:

  • In order to use the various MyFord™ applications on the go, you have to actually have a cell phone that is compatible with or able to download applications. Considering that the Ford Focus Electric is a enormous technological contraption, I suppose Ford Motor Company thought every consumer willing to purchase their car would all carry smart phones. To add to that nonsense, it makes me wonder if more driving related accidents will occur with use of the Ford Focus Electric. The car is highly dependent upon applications to give you date concerning your car, which leaves me to wonder who will be fumbling with their phones while driving. Though the intent of the Ford Motor Company was not to use your cell while driving, the allure of the onscreen applications and programs such as the Tagging ability sort of makes you wonder who will be reaching for their IPOD's while inside of the car. Maybe some smart auto maker will create a device that makes cell phones unable to be used inside of a running car, unless the car signals it has been damaged or wrecked.
  • It's an all electric car. Some people have concerns with the Ford Focus Electric not having a gasoline reservoir. That is obviously a reasonable concern. However, when you are shopping for an electric car, there isn't much room for complaint. As long as consumers know that they can charge the battery, when they need to charge the battery and where they can charge the latter, complaints should generally decrease. Right? Wrong. You're on a back road somewhere in Utah when your car signals the battery is running low. You need to find a charging station, but the car is giving you no details on a nearby station because no one exists in your area. According to the Ford Motor Company, "Ford is working with the public and private sectors to help create the infrastructure that will enable you to recharge your all electric vehicle in a variety of locations other than your home."

Well, that of course is a jiffy idea, but it doesn't take away from the fear factor of consumers. I don't know about you, but I really don't want to run out of battery oomph when scaling a vast Utah Mountain.

  • There is no carry on room inside the Ford Focus Electric. Reports have been spread that the Ford Focus Electric may not only come in hatchback style, but sedan as well. A sedan with a trunk would be a fabulous idea to those that travel often. I don't think a hatchback would accommodate a weekend long camping trip. From viewing videos, it appears as though you could precisely fit three bags of groceries into the hatchback. Your luck improves if no one is riding in the back as you can fold the backseats down for more room.
  • Can someone really just "unplug" the car? The Ford Focus Electric features a charging port near the front wheel well in which you can attach a charger. That is of course of great feature to have at home, but in the city, my guess is a mischievous passerby could easily "unplug" your car. That's alright though; with that new IPOD you just had to buy, a nifty little application will let you know that the car was unplugged and no longer charging. Let's just hope you aren't in jury duty or something equally studious as to which you cannot bolt from.
  • Break downs. This car is not your typical run of the mill car. Having said that, it deserves and will call for an excellent mechanic. You can scrap that discount backyard mechanic you may have and fire the man who took a "class or two" in fixing cars. Throw out your Chilton Manual as you won't be fixing this car on your own. My guess is that the only people that actually understand the intricate design and fabrication of the Ford Focus Electric is Ford. I'd highly suggest obtaining an excellent warranty on this vehicle.
  • The car is geared toward the techno savvy people of the world. In order to understand some of the on screen displays, you may need a degree or two in science. What is mpi? When do I charge? Wait, what? In sum, the car is completely geeked out- which of course is neat, if you can actually understand what the car is telling you. I envision family meetings after the purchase of this car: "And MPI means...."

As for now, those are my concerns as well as various potential consumer concerns as well. For me, I like to wait until after something has been on the market for a while before deciding to purchase the item. That way, other people's complaints will have more than likely gone viral and you can decide if the purchase is one you wish to make.

For now, the Ford Focus Electric isn't your grandmother's car. That is, not until you use the MyKey™ system to tailor it to her needs. That's fine by me; however, as if I were so lucky to own this seriously brilliant invention, Grammy would be in the hatch. Just kidding.

The Electric Car Rush

Would you purchase an all electric car such as the Ford Focus Electric?

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