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The Japanese Car Scene Part 3

Updated on May 12, 2012

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So we return once again to the land of the rising sun, but more specifically to its most loved form of transport (and tinkering), the car. Some might describe these modified Toyotas, Nissans, Mitsubishis, Suzukis, Subarus and Hondas as ridiculous and a little self indulgent. Well, a lot of them are. On the other hand, the owner's raging desire to be individual with their car isn't too dissimilar to a fashion savvy girl (or guy) being picky about how they dress. Perhaps a better comparison would be with a painter - since perfectionism is the key aspect to both activities. Just take a look how spotless these JDM cars are. Sure, the average drift demon will be riddled with cable ties keeping the aesthetics strung together, but some of these VIP Lexus' are meticulously clean - almost to the point of obsessive compulsive.

Whatever you're going to call these cars, there's no doubting that one old phrase, 'they're sure to turn a head or two...'

Who said JDM was limited to pop-up headlights and panda paint?

This Lexus GS means business ...and with VIP alloys like those that business might be of the underhand kind.

The pop-ups are back! Get the Rick Astley cassettes!

So I heard you like many turbocharger gauge?

It's all about the downforce bro. And taking off at high speed.

The back end of a Nissan 240Z. 'Nuff said really.

Classic Celica goodness.

We're on the third JDM gallery and the Trueno's only just popped up!?

Street sleepers catching you unawares right until they hit the gas.

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