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Luxury Cars: Today's Necessity?

Updated on September 11, 2015

Why Choose an Expensive Car?

A car is basically designed for transportation and mobility but in today's definition of a car, it goes far beyond its basic purpose. Today, a car is conceptualized and designed, more to feed a male's ego-his sense of aggression and belligerence. For a man, it has become a status symbol, a symbol of prestige and elegance providing him a grand entrée and acceptance to a much higher level of society than where he was before. To a male genre, gaining much social acceptance is gaining more opportunities for business. A new luxury car could mean bringing in more contacts and gathering up a bigger network of opportunities for career development.

A Man's Real Identity

A man's real identity is said to be a hiding behind his car. A psychoanalyst used to say that if you want to know more about a man, simply ask him why he bought his car. What facts you could gather out of his answer is more than what you need to fish out from him. This simply shows us that a man’s personality. Definitely plays an important role in the choice of a car that he is willing to drive. This is also the reason why all luxury cars are built for speed and precision.

Why a Man Needs an Expensive Car?

There are many things that a man considers buying for himself in order to boost his ego or enhance his personality. It could be a branded watch, imported leather shoes or jacket, a fully furnished house or bachelor's pad, but to top it all, a man always dream of owning a luxury car, especially an expensive one.

In choosing a luxury car once he considers buying one for himself, here are a few among the many things he considers in his selection:


All man prefers his car to be much faster than others. A psychologist would say it is because men definitely love freedom. A man in his subconscious wants a fast car to get away from anything they're into. May it be a bad career, a demanding relationship or just any unrealized goal? It seems quite absurd for a man, regardless of age, class or nationality to be picking on a car with a slow engine capacity. Speed is the primary reason why men choose to buy a luxury car. Appearance is just another matter.

Through the kind of car he’s driving, one may gauge what kind of man is driving behind those wheels. His real character is shown in the kind of the car he chooses. Its design, color, and make identify the owner’s true worth.

A sleek and elegant car is usually a choice of a person who is much into details. He is not only contented with the vehicle’s appearance but also prefers something more and nearer to perfection if perfection is an impossibility. This car is mostly preferred by career-oriented male beings. They prefer a car that somehow emits class and elegance with movement as that of a sleek and graceful jaguar. Maybe this is how Jaguar begets its brand name.

A man who chooses a two-seater sports car is usually an adventurous type who wants more isolation aside from the girl of his fancy. This is why there’s only one available seat for a passenger. A red or a black color also represents an aggressive nature of the driver. Beware of their kind on the street or on a parking area. A mere traffic conflict could easily trigger their impulsive and aggressive or violent nature.

Why do you think most manufacturers today make luxury cars that are much larger and had a greater seating capacity to accommodate more passengers? Before luxury cars are mostly two- sitter sports cars, probably designed to cater to a bachelor's lifestyle. Though I’m not sure if my reasoning coincides with theirs, I was thinking that maybe it is mainly due to the fact that men now are getting more practical and family-oriented. A man who chooses a two- passenger wheel drive is neither so friendly nor willing to accommodate any and just have one available seat for someone he fancies.


Precision is another factor considered by a man in buying a luxury car. Men are much more precise than women in choosing what they want. When they go to shop for a car, surely they already had an exact idea on what to buy. They just need some added feature to finalize their purchase. With Precision, they inculcate in their line of thinking other reasons why they must choose a luxury car for a vehicle. The following are just some of those I can cite. Who knows what more is running inside a man’s mind!

Best Connections and Opportunities

A new car luxury definitely could give the owner a new value in terms of social- standing. Driving a luxury car is like sitting on a king’s throne. It is giving more value to the man that sits on it and opening a wider channel of opportunities for both career and relationships. A businessman driving a luxury car carries more guarantee and assurance than a businessman in a compact vehicle. So if you expect a wider path for your career, try to afford a new BMW or a Porsche. Aside from being a head turner, a new luxury car could win you a brand new deal!

Options for Safety

High-end luxury cars are now considered a good choice and necessity not only because of their speed, precision, durability and design. They are also chosen for their safety options. The following are just some of those safety features that set aside a luxury car from the rest.

Alerting Pedestrian Cell Phones

Pedestrian wandering through traffic will alert oncoming drivers. In system software tested by Denso, a computer application in an approaching car will receive the signal from the pedestrian, analyzing his speed and direction and therefore, giving the driver enough time for a good brake. With this technology, you can help limit the number of accidents brought about by accidentally running over a pedestrian.

Preventing Pileups

State transportation in Nevada, Minnesota and Michigan can now instantly warn approaching drivers when the first car hit the snow during the winter season to prevent pile-ups of vehicles. This system software application is now in use, but somehow state transportation officials are still trying their best to get all cars into the system especially that most cars don’t carry this option. A sensor installed on the vehicle measures the road surface temperature and even check on potholes. The vehicle would also relay important information to the central computer such as location, windshield wiper, anti-lock brake, etc.

High-End Car Collection, Memphis Parking Garage

Automatic Brake

Some luxury cars carry radar system that automatically brakes to avoid a crash or an accident, especially with an inattentive driver. However, this system is very expensive even on a high-end luxury car. These features include four sensitive cameras installed in front and at the back could immediately detect when children or animals suddenly cross the road or the car’s path.

Other options provided to luxury cars by manufacturers in the eve of fast-rising competition are fiber-optic headliners, futuristic sound systems, sapphire key fobs and endless bells and whistle tones.

Now that more people are aware of the benefits of gadgets and technology, and as professional careers are delicately intertwined with software applications and programming, competitions have become stiffer in the market. Finding one’s niche in an industry had become a struggle and for someone to exist, one needs to come up to everyone’s expectation. What better way to achieve your goal than to own a brand new high-end luxury car.

Which of the following is your dream car?

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Achieve Your Goal

Now that more people are aware of the benefits of gadgets and technology, and as professional careers are delicately intertwined with software applications and programming, competitions have become stiffer in the market. Finding one’s niche in an industry had become a struggle and for someone to exist, one needs to come up to everyone’s expectation. What better way to achieve your goal than to own a brand new high-end luxury car.


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