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The New 2011 Scion iQ

Updated on March 31, 2010

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The New 2011 Scion iQ

Today, March 31, 2010, Scion released the all new iQ. It’s a 2 door, 10 airbag little car that has tons of style. Its style is very trendy and urban, while being functional and smart.

Here is a quick little write-up on the all new Scion iQ.

Scion first: First time to have 4 cars in their lineup at one time.

World first: The Scion iQ is the first car in the world to have a rear window curtain airbag (there are a total of 10 airbags in this little car!).

Exterior/Engine Features:

1.3L 4 cylinder engine

> 90-hp (Scion has not said yet, but they say more than 90 horse power)

High 30’s MPG rate

2 feet shorter than the Mini Cooper

5” longer wheelbase than the Smart

Front engine design (the Smart has a rear engine)

Interior Features:

Pioneer sound system (can be upgraded to Alpine)

3+1 seating

10 airbags standard

Room for 2 golf bags with rear seats down

Comfortable seats

“Techno-organic” styling

The iQ should hit Scion dealers early 2011 says other online sources. Car and Driver is guessing the price of the iQ will be under $15,00.


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